Monday, February 7, 2011

02-07-11 Did You Write?

02-07-11 Did You Write?

A new month and another week. This note is designed to help you write more than once or twice a month. Hopefully, you remembered that this note was coming up and you opened some work for even a short time so you can announce honestly that you wrote.

We are not picky as to what is writing or as much. I won't give the list this week as I am running short in time. I will just say that if you have to ask if it is writing, the answer is yes.

I did write. I am trying to cut down the word count of my Waxy story and removed 146 words. It would have been more, but I had to fill in some incomplete sentences and correct a couple scenes. The worst part is that I have another six thousand words to remove and there is little that really can be removed. I had zapped a couple short scenes but then added a bit more elsewhere to cover the key information that I removed. I don't have a number of really big scenes that can go.

On the story idea front, I am doing well on posting them and, including what I am posting today, I have 53 story ideas in the compost pile. A couple of the top ones are going to have to be written or they will sink to the bottom of the stack fast.

I had a good weekend on wood working. Several projects are advancing nicely. I am building a wooden toy cannon and am getting the kind of look I am after. Since I want this to border on an art piece, I want to give it a fine finish. I am not a finisher and this thing is big. The barrel is about three feet long. It looks good though.
I have two fairies I carved (twelve inches tall if they were standing) and have started with the scenes they will be in. I dug into the back of the shed and found some disks cut off from other projects that were given to me. I am now making them into mushroom caps. They are pretty. This saves me from using special wood for them.
I have made several vases with faces carved in them. They are in Norfolk Island Pine where the branches grow in a circle around the trunk and then there is a space before the next set of branches. there is usually six branches around each ring. I am carving faces into the side of the vase I turn, using the knots as the eyes of the face. I got a good start on the faces on my latest vase.

Using the above as a seed for a story idea, He is a toy maker. He has a secret, He can animate his toys when desired. solders march around, cannons fire magic cannon balls, birds sing, steam engines chuff, cars drive around.
Some bad guys show up and decide to use his shop as their center of operation. He is kept tied up. He realizes that they are going to kill him as they don't want to have to take care of him any longer and they have to be stopped before they destroy the entire area. they have not completely taken over but will soon.
He uses his powers and animates the toys. The toy soldiers lash the toy horses to the cannons and tow them into position. the cats, dogs, lions and tigers slip into the corners. Birds fly to act as lookouts. He is cut free so he can really do his work. At the right time, he makes a noise and the bad guys come out. His toy army goes to war. cannons fire, soldiers charge with their bayonets and firing their little rifles. the animals attack from hiding, cutting the bad guy's ankles.
It is a real ruckus as the bad guys try to get rid of the toys that are hurting them bad.
Only the leader is left and the toys are all a ruin. The toy maker than hits the bad guy from behind, knocking him out. the bad guys are beaten and the area is saved.

AS to the question of the week,
I can honestly say,



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