Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Catching up...

Today's post is brought to you by Oreo once more, who really doesn't care to be disturbed from his long winter's nap...

Most of these pictures are from mid to late November. I was doing some thrifting then looking for holiday gifts. 

I did very well on jewelry at the flea markets. That freshwater pearl necklace below was only $3.50! I gave it and the lovely pins and earrings to my mother for Christmas, along with other brand new things. I kept the cuff bracelet and the hammered neck chain. The skeleton key is mine too. Have a few of those in the closet. LOL


 Some nice cookie cutters from one vendor. I don't have much Easter stuff. These are great for tracing out felt templates on heavy cardstock. Then use the templates to cut shapes for ornaments and so on. A bunch of padded and decorated Easter eggs in pretty felt colors hung on cording would make a lovely garland.                               ——>

<—I am a real sucker for crochet cotton, even though I don't make much in the way of doilies. This burgundy really stood out in the bin. I got the sewing egg outdoors for just a buck, and the rest indoors from my favorite vendor, Flo, who has all kinds of yarn, craft, and fabric supplies. 
 These books are only in fair shape, but I love the small crochet projects, so I took them anyway. —>

Flo had this amazing ombre yarn too, and I grabbed every skein I saw. I am thinking sweater or vest with this one. 
My oldest son is a big fan of Rob Salvatore. This was not the first book in the series, but it was like brand new and I only paid $1. He got it for Christmas and it was one of the few things not on his list that came as a big surprise.            ——>

Gotta get some reading material for myself too. I have a thing for fantasy stories. It's what I prefer to read, and write. I gave Jason the Dragonlance books, he loves those.  ——>                 

I have a dear friend who has sheep and she processes their fleece into wool roving and yarn. I really intended to give this cookie mold to her, but I fell in love with it. Sorry Roxanne! 

Did I mention my thing about books? These are mine though I will share them with Lee or anyone else here who wants to read them. The Steinbeck is long out of print and hard to find.                ——>
<—The seagull and slate picture went to the same neighbors that I gave the buoy mug to. The wool sign is for someone else... Not sure where I put those cat magnets! 

This one is a real hodgepodge of stuff from a thrift shop. —>

The grandson was so excited about the Spongebob plate, he begged me to let him take it home. He loves the books too. I got the cloth things, which I think were supposed to be needlecases and a small pincushion, for 49¢ for all. The needles alone were worth more than that. As you can see, I found another cookbook

The white flowerpot had the thrift store half-off discount sticker of the day, so I grabbed that too.

Well you KNEW I was going to get more yarn, didn't you? This came from the thrift shop, and most of it is already in use.     ——>

I really feel sorry for people who don't have hobbies. Yeah, I don't need this stuff, but thrifting is not an expensive way to shop, and you can get some very nice things dirt cheap. Many times you are supporting a charity or supplementing someone's retirement income by buying thrifted items. And then when you use them to make something or give as gifts, you're brightening someone else's day and helping keep things out of landfills. Win/win all around.

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