Friday, December 3, 2010

yarn projects -December 03-10

I am making headway on my crochet. I have finished four wash cloths in cotton. I am quite impressed with the results, even though I recognize that the results are not up to a quality level yet.
Three of my wash cloths are using the Tunisian crochet method, where the loops are linked on the hook to the end, then the loops are completed as the hook is drawn back out.
The hook either has a stop on the end so the loops of yarn does not fall off the end, or there is a cord on the end so the fabric can be wider than the length of the hook, the stop on the cord can catch the end loops.
I made my own hook for this and while it might not be perfect, It works quite well. At 9 inches long, it just happens to be about the right length to hold all the loops when doing a 12" wide wash cloth. The loops bunch up which is why the hook length does not have to be the same length as the cloth.
I have found this a very easy method of creating good looking work, which is why I have taken to this method.

I always have a project in the truck for when I am at a long light, at a doctor's office, at the laundry. I finished the yellow wash cloth project there, bringing it home to do the final work on it. It was simple single crochet. It was going to be a hot pad but I decided a wash cloth would be more useful. I did shells around the edges and left it at that as I had failed on doing reverse shells around the purple wash cloth.

On the purple wash cloth, I had made the mistake on that one of mis-remembering how many stitches I needed. I did 35 instead of 50. I did decorative shells around the edge to make it bigger. I found I could not figure out how to do reverse shells at the moment, (just remembered) so I left it as ending in shells.

Now that I just remembered how to do reverse shells, I might add them to the two wash cloths with shells around the edges. they are both a little smaller and I feel they will be much better if they were bigger. Also shells make for a lousy edging.

I have just started a wash cloth where I am using remnants of two balls of yarn, yellow and lime green. I am thinking to rip that out and use the lime on the yellow wash cloth when I do the reverse edging and a few other stitches around outside that.
On this two tone wash cloth, I am doing Tunisian crochet three rows of yellow to two rows of green, since that is approximately the same proportion of both balls of yarn. I now see how this is done, I won't have any problems ripping it out and using the yarn elsewhere.
I will use a deep red for the edging of the purple wash cloth.

The camouflage looking wash cloth was from yarn I ripped out of a double crochet double post wash cloth I did early on. I ran out of yarn before I finished and I did not like anything about it. It bothered me. I gave it a try as a bath cloth and it was all wrong. I laundered it, then found the end and ripped it out completely. It is now something that is quite usable, quite acceptable.

In my last visit to the yarn shop, I picked up. a bunch of ball of cotton yarn in worsted weight in different colors. I tend to prefer the bright colors to work with. I have a bunch of projects in mind but right now, wash cloths are priority. Some are going to be gifted this year.

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