Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gift bag and after the event.

Black and orange gift bags with presents painted on them.

I picked up some Halloween gift bags at a yard sale last month. I decided to make use of them this year for Christmas. I figured at the time that black and orange was not in the holiday spirit, so I rough painted presents on them. I made use of the "dry wash" of the brush, showing the direction of the stroke, to show the different sides of the presents.
After the fact, I don't think anybody would have complained about not having any decorations, but I did notice that at the end of the day, people's unwrapped goodies filled the bags.

The cards went over well. People enjoyed them. I likely gave less in money than anybody else, but I did not see anybody who was disappointed with what I gave out. They seemed to be the right thing. I did get one comment on liking bags.
I heard several comments on loving the ornaments, and I got a card from someone who got my ornaments last year, who still cherish them.
My making things to give, went well with other gifting.

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