Saturday, October 16, 2010

Remember me?

Yeah, I'm the crazy lady that started this blog, and I've been away for months. Good to see Roger at least still posting here.

So where have I been? Been writing like a fiend, and now editing some too, for a start up company called Pro Se Productions, which is based in Arkansas. My good friend and longtime writing partner Lee Houston Jr. is responsible for getting me involved—thanks Lee! Anyway, right now Pro Se is putting out monthly magazines in the tradition of old time pulps, with lots of brand new stories and writers that are new talent alongside others that are well-known veterans published in that part of the speculative fiction field. There are plenty of other plans being kicked around the backroom too, as this is an ambitious and adventuresome group of folks who want to make pulpy goodness available to the reading public again on a regular basis. I've met some amazingly talented and creative people this year, and I feel privileged to have become part of the team. Writing is one of my passions and you cannot imagine the rush you get from seeing your ideas come to life on a printed page with artwork based on the concept, and know that somewhere, someone is reading and (hopefully) enjoying it too. It gives me a good reason to be up this late at night pounding the keys to get the word out. This is a start-up venture, directly from us to you folks, so please come take a look. We've all worked awfully hard to bring this thing to life.

You gotta check these folks out, their website is here: with the mags available in both an affordable E-format (downloadable PDF) on site as well as a big and impressive looking, glossy covered beauty for sale on (you have to register to buy, but that's free) Right now we have 3 imprints, each with its own special focus. Masked Gun Mystery is all the detective/PI/police-type stories. Fantasy & Fear is mostly heroic, epic, monsters and horror as well as anything you can imagine in between. Peculiar Adventures has much of the super hero, sci fi and other things that don't fit easily in the other formats. We even have an ongoing comic included, and every story has a couple of pieces of artwork. Very few ads too, mostly in-house stuff, so you are getting 80-140 some odd pages of reading on nice thick paper. A quality mag and worth the price, believe me.

BTW, four of my characters and two of Lee's are in the ad below, including a certain baby dragon know as Lazlo! Yep, at some point, my little guy will have his own series going, and I suspect he will be joined by friends along the way.

It's been a whirlwind 6 months or so with me going from knocking on the door with my hat in hand looking for an audition to having my first two submissions accepted and being asked to do series writing for them. I am currently rotating 4-5 story lines as well as some standalone work, AND I was tapped to edit Peculiar Adventures starting with the September issue (#2). Lee is currently doing two series for Pro Se, and he is the editor of Fantasy & Fear. A well-known and published pulp author named Barry Reese edits Masked Gun Mystery. You will find plenty of contributors with pulp-styled books for sale on Amazon and elsewhere amongst us emerging talents, so check that out too. We put out the first three issues in the first month of publication, but have since gone to a single issue 3 month rotation, with more pages of pulpy goodness in each issue. October's mag is going to be Fantasy & Fear #2, November has Masked Gun Mystery #2, and December will feature Peculiar Adventures #3. So you get the idea. ;)

Tommy Hancock, our intrepid editor-in-chief and guy of a hundred hats and no sleep, has also collaborated with some very interested and talented friends to create a pulp themed news site called All Pulp where you can find all sorts of interesting stuff about things pertaining to people like us and the things we do. The response to that site, they tell me, has been overwhelming; and it has almost become a full time job itself for the Spectacled Seven, the great bunch of guys who man the helm and bail the bilges over there. Go take a look see!

Oh, and most of us have a presence on Facebook now, including Your's Truly, so come on over and say hi. Some of the others are on Twitter too, not sure about My Space or anywhere else, but a lot of the authors do have websites. Come look for me on FB and I'll be happy to friend you. I'll be back linking the blog at some point, when I get time and have some new pics up.

Speaking of pictures, I have been so doggoned busy the summer just flew by. The garden started out great and then went downhill after mid-July when writing took over my life for good (and it IS good). I have been out thrifting and doing a little crafting and crocheting, and I have the pictures to prove it too, but it will be a while before I get to sort, resize and post many of them. We had Roger up here for a week vacation not long ago, and there are pics of that too, so I'd love to get some of those up as well. Yep, life has become interesting this year for sure!

And that's why you're just hearing from me now, at least most of the reason for it.

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