Monday, October 18, 2010

10-18-10 Did You Write?

10-18-10 Did You Write?

Another week has arrived to brag about your accomplishments, cry about your failures, and otherwise tell what is going on in your life.
The idea of this note is for you to hold your feet to the fire and actually write SOMETHING sometime each week. It can amount to a lot of writing over a given period of time.
We are not picky as to what is writing. If you have to ask, the answer is yes. We are not picky about the word count as editing can cut down the word count drastically.
The key is to at least open something.

On my work in progress, I realized my character simply walked through a dangerous scene, then it dawned on me on how to make it dangerous. I am drastically revising a scene, and it is still not good enough, but at least it starts dangerously. My main concern at this second is to get rid of errors that have cropped up by having things happen earlier than before.
I also worked my way to another scene where my character gets into trouble. There, I was interweaving between views from different characters. the timing of what was going on was all wrong. Reading through it, it dawned on me that if I remove one scene, about a third of a page long, the timing would fall together. it is still not right, but now can be made to work.
I have a problem where I am not cruel. I cannot do some very nasty things to my characters. I do know how to make a later scene better.
I have some wolf like creatures that are tailing my main character, intent on capturing him. either to control or more likely kill him. He has a magical scent that drives them crazy. What I have to do is make him escape them just in the nick of time.
I am disappointed, with all the work I have done, that I only added 2454 words. But, when you consider how much I zapped in the process of the changes, I did well with that total count. I will be doing some wholesale zapping of scenes pretty soon since they are no longer needed, replaced by stuff earlier
I am working in WORDPERFECT and am saving in MS WORD. I ran across a code in the text that I never heard of before. it is DELAY CODE. I've been getting page counts that were always going up and I had no idea why. It got up to 127 pages, but when brought into notepad and then brought in, it was only 54 pages. I had not looked deep into my text. I found that the pages only had half the text in them. I located the code and zapped it and now have real page counts.

I am keeping up on the story idea front. I am writing them small so the word and page counts will not be big. I don't have time to give a compost pile word count.

I finally came up with my first carved Christmas ornament for this year. I try to come up with four types each year, and make a dozen of them, plus extras of ones from previous years that I am low on.
I now have to come up with three other ornaments that might be of interest to others. I have to get all of them done by the end of November. My problem is that I have other projects I am also working on. cannot do them at the same time.

I have a story idea in my compost pile that I have no concept of what to do with it. It simply is,
You are going somewhere, like in space or being beamed somewhere. You can only take one thing. I mean one thing. Not an entire computer system with disks and stuff. One laptop, but one might not be able to take the cords, just the laptop. One nick knack. One book. My thought was to have all my data, including books, converted and take them, but again one thing would not be a laptop bag. I know whatever you choose, will be wrong.
My thought is that one does not know where you are going or what you will do. You might be converted into a different creature entirely. You may or may not be with others. that eliminates the idea that a couple hundred of you bring one component of a system and have like several computers with backup hard drives.
The rules could be changed to make it easier, such as one suit case, but one item would be more a character building question.

As to the question of the day,
I can honestly say,



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