Monday, July 5, 2010

Did you write 07-05-10

Did you write 07-05-10

I hope this prompt is helping you get some writing done. I want the knowledge that these notes are coming, to cause you to open some work and write something, anything, so you can report on these notes that you wrote. A little bit of writing each day will cause something, over a period of time, to be finished. The hope is that you post to this note, whether you wrote or not, as a reminder to try to write for the next week. This has worked for me many months on end.

Because of time, I won't list what is writing in this note. Check in the previous notes for the list. That list is not comprehensive but is a suggestion.
how much is written is unimportant, especially when editing. One word can be enough if it is the right word.

As for me, I can say YES I WROTE.
I just finished my work in progress. I added two pages and 1600 words since last week. This is all editing so in many cases, I removed passages before I added words. I now have to remove about five thousand words to get it into the size for a suggested market that was pointed to me. I still don't know if it is that good but finishing it was nice.

I finished last month's story ideas with 30 story ideas for 30 days. I wrote 48 pages at 29,394 words of pure drivel.
I now am placing higher concentration on my writing, so this month, my story ideas won't be anywhere near as complete and satisfying to read as they were before. It is a trade off. I have a whole bunch of my Waxy Dragon stories I need to rewrite and I decided to place my attention more into my writing for a while.

As to the question of the week,
I can say YES, I DID WRITE


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