Monday, July 12, 2010


Nancy demonstrated to me some initial motions of crochet, and I have picked up bits and pieces from others after that. Nancy sent me Crochet made easy, and when I first got it, it was well over my head. Now that I have gotten somewhere with crochet, I was able to go through the Cd and learn how to really do the work.

I started out doing half crochet and, as you can see by my work, I have difficulty in getting the tension right.
My first first yarn purchase was something fluffy and totally wrong for someone who had no clue.

With my first project, I started out small and it got smaller due to tension problems and a lack of counting or chaining at the end of each row. I got to a point, went back down one side, across the bottom, and back up the other side, then went full width. I still had problems of tension and counting so it did not stay the same width all the way down.
In the picture, I started using tripple crochet to even out one side of the fabric, but realized I don't have that much string left. I ripped the tripple crochet out and am using double crochet down the side as far as the string will last.

This is supposed to be a wash cloth. I used what I knew. half crochet. for the loops, I would chain five stitches, then go two or three half crochets before going to another loop. I got tighter and missed stitches as I was going. You can see where I am correcting my size and count errors.

Since I did these, I started following the instructions of the CD and came up with these four test patches. two are single crochet, the ones on the right were the second try, and two were double crochet.

This is a new attempt at a wash cloth that I started at the laundry mat.

I do wood working, and decided I would make my own crochet tools, including my own yarn needle.

I do not want to make this a major hobby, but I learned while traveling and at doctor's offices that there is a limit to how long one can read, and a limit to how long one can play video games. Crochet has the advantage that there is something to show from your efforts. At the stage I am at, it takes a lot of concentration, which is pefect for whiling away the time.

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