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Year 17, Week 27, Day One (week 913)

Year 17, Week 27, Day One (week 913)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
07-15-17 Saturday

90 as the high, mostly blue skies with puffs and towers sometimes over the Ocean and sometimes over the Everglades.  

Several cities are having tree give-a-ways now. They give away trees in hopes that you will plant them in your yard and “green up” the city. The city of Pompano had a tree give-a-way today and will have another next weekend. You just have to show proof you live in the city. Driver’s licences are now all that is required. It used to be that you also had to have a bill, preferably a water bill, for the address. 

Mom was really wanting a SILVER BUTTONWOOD. These have a bluish green leaf that stands out from other foliage. The guy said that when they went to pick them up, they did not look good enough to offer. We picked up a foxtail palm and a triangle palm. From a distance, the fox tail fronds look like the fluffy tail of a fox. The triangle palm has the leaves come up in a diamond, rather than all around, forming a triangle. 

When we got back, I headed out to visit yard sales. At one yard sail, they had a “Family” bible with white leather cover. I intended to give it to my dad, but then decided I would rather keep it. Mom later showed that she had something like that already. There is a lot of reference material in the front and back of the bible.  That yard sale was selling stuff from their late mother. There was a set of serving dishes that had yellow flowers on them. A Gravy boat(?) Had a bouquet of the yellow flowers on the lid. It was so pretty, but I have absolutely no use for any of that kind of stuff. 
At other yard sales, I picked up a few humor books. 
I then hit several stores on the way home.

Several weeks ago, I picked up a case of sports drinks. I was running out and considered buying another case. It dawned on me that I have, somewhere, some of those water-bottle flavoring packets. I accidentally found them, right where I had intentionally  put them. I had not thought to look there. I previously found those packets were way too strong for a normal water bottle. I washed the empty bottles of the sports drink, and added one packet to a pitcher of water, just to add a slight flavor to the water so you can guzzle it. One two-quart pitcher filled three of the sports bottles. Some bottles got thrown out, but I had twelve. That is a lot of pitchers of water.  They are in the fridge cold when I need them and in a useful amount to carry around. The lids prevent leaking when needed.

I lost a pin on my watch so I may have to go get it repaired tomorrow. One part seems to be missing to attach it properly. 

Year 17, Week 27, Day Two (week 913)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
07-15-17 Saturday

We had a nice rain this morning. It petered out before I headed to Mom’s and then became mostly blue skies the rest of the day. The high was 86.

We decided to go out for Chinese food after church and we all ate more than we needed, but it was so good. 

My watch has a clasp locks the buckle in place. I was using that to hold my watch on, and it worked well. Last night, while checking band out before I headed out, I figured out that the missing piece to put it together, was a plate that folds against the other and held in place by friction on a bar. They unfold so your hand can slip comfortably in, and then fold together to pull it tight. when I saw it was two pieces, I investigated and found where the pin went. Mom replaced the pin today. Her pin was a hair too long and she had to adjust the band slightly. Now the clasp does not want to lock closed. Not a problem. I will fix that a little later.

I have noticed that there is no woodworking mentioned in these posts, even though it is referred to as a wood working diary. I have to change that somehow. Something has to give somewhere. 

I will see what I can do next week. We will get more trees. 


power outlet (cigarette lighter) outlet adapters.

Family bible 

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