Thursday, June 15, 2017

Year 17, Week 22, Day One (week 908)

Year 17, Week 22, Day One (week 908)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
06-10-17 Saturday

85 degrees, 70% humidity (I am sure it was really 200% as a school of minnows swam above my head in the morning.), off and on heavy rains. Constantly cloudy.  An epic front came over us this past week. The front started in Panama and stretched to the north east. Blobs of clouds would attach itself to the front and head over us. Sometimes to the north, to the south, or right over us. We had some flooding. In Fort Lauderdale earlier in the wee, one of the cruse ships came in right after one of the heavy downpours and missed the dock. The captain said it was strange to have buildings on both sides of him. He only realized, after he was about a mile inland, that he was following a road when the road became a bridge over one of the waterways. Tugs pulled him back into deep water before the rain water drained away too much for the ship to stay afloat. Later in the week, a Great White shark attacked a small sports car parked on the side of the road near the city hall in Miami. No one knows if the insurance will cover that cause of damage. This weather report is brought to you by The City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism. 

The weather early morning was not conducive for yard sailing, so I did not even bother going out. People could not trust when the next shower would pass and it was a lot of work to bring stuff in and out, or to cover them. Only those who had their stuff under cover could possibly have a sale this weekend. Since we had some morning showers, it was not worth the drive to see if anybody had anything out.
When we got back from breakfast, I took a very short nap, then headed out back mom's house. Momma kitty said “Feed me” so I started feeding her.  Mom has wanted my wood collection put away for a long time and things have gotten in the way. She came out while I was feeding momma kitty and after kitty had enough,  we got to work moving most of the wood from under the awning to inside my shed. Mom would dig the stuff out into the open, and I would move the stuff to the shed, then place it where it needed to be. 
It was surprising how much fit in there. My two garbage-cans full of wood were put outside the shed with garbage bags over them. That is a short term solution right now. One large bin of wood went into the shed with a smaller bin of partially finished pieces on top that., I stacked most of the tools on top that so they can be reached. 
It made a big difference, and we can still access the tools and stuff in the shed.  There is more to go into the shed, but I had nothing left.
While we were working, I had stopped to get a drink and saw a blob on the radar to the south coming at us, so I was watching the southern sky while we worked. Nothing showed up. 

Both mom and I showered and changed (utterly soaked through and through, and we had seen no rain at all at this time). We went out for lunch. We planned on Cracker Barrel, but they had lines outside the place, so we headed to The Chinese Buffet. When we got back home, I laid down and slept for several hours. I was done for the day. I actually wanted to nap before lunch but did not have time. 

One thing I noticed was I no longer had a spring in my step. I was still feeling the effect of my work. If I was working alone, I might not have done near as much nor as fast. 

The weather tomorrow looks no better than today so I doubt I will do anything at all tomorrow. I will likely spend my time recovering from today.


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