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Year 17, Week 20, Day One (week 906)

Year 17, Week 20, Day One (week 906)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
05-27-17 Saturday
    78 degrees early morning, 82 as I started driving,  88 in the afternoon. While it said 68% humidity, it felt like 99%.  Blue sky all day long. This weather report was brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.
    Wandering, I found five yard sales, stopping at two on my first run. Two of the yard sales were clothing and I did not see anything worth stopping for. One sale that I saw the sign for, I could not find the first time. I had not picked up anything at this point. One had a lot of interesting stuff, but nothing leaped into my hands. Another had furniture.
    I made a run to a store later and since I was in the area, I decided to have another try and finding the yard sale I saw the sign for but could not find. Well I found it and learned it was a mistake to look for it.
    This was a family moving to Dallas. They had a lot of interesting stuff, but I kept looking at two huge aluminum pots. One is a turkey frying pot and has marks for how far to add the oil for two ranges of turkey sizes. The other pot, according to the woman, was used for lobster boils, where you fill it up with sea food and cook them all together. I decided I would get them. I have some ideas for them. Since they did not want to give out change, they gave me a better deal on them than the listed price.
    I hate shopping for clothing. Shoes are the least detestable part of clothing shopping. I went out to buy new feet for my shoes. I like work boots so I had to bring the bank with me. It was the store run that lead me to find the pots.
    I took the rest of the day really easy until lit was time to go.
    I hope to do some wood working tomorrow.

Year 17, Week 20, Day two (week 906)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
05-28-17 Sunday
    Sunny, 89 degrees. Humid. There was a slight haze to the blue sky, not a bright blue. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    When I arrived, Mom decided we should go out and eat. I don’t really complain about that as I love getting to eat out. It is just nothing gets done.
    I laid down for a nice long nap, and took the rest of the day easy, sort of like a pig, eat and sleep it off....

    Tomorrow is a day off for Memorial day. We will go for breakfast, later than we do Saturday. I will go out and make some sawdust.

Year 17, Week 20, Day Three (week 906)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
05-29-17 Monday
    80s all day long, blue sky, high humidity. In the afternoon, when the sun started to shine beneath the awning, the computer said it was 88 degrees, but it was 95 under the awning. This weather report is brought to you by the City of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.
    After our late breakfast, we went to see if we could find some walmartians at Walmart. All I saw was normal looking folk. I wonder what they think of me????
    We came back home and I went out back and rolled the lathe out into the open. I took the block of wood with all the knots, and after measuring and positioning it, I mounted it on the lathe and turned a tenon so it could be held on the lathe the chuck so I could hollow it out. I decided that between Walmart and standing during the turning, that I should get off me feet so I laid down and napped for a hour or so. 
    I came back out and Momma kitty begged me for some food and attention. I got the food and sat and gave her lots of love while she ate. During this, My brother showed up. Momma kitty, not knowing him well enough to trust him, left quickly.
    My brother and I started talking, then he said he wanted to get out of the humidity. We went inside.
    We watched some shows on the pyramids of Egypt and some other historical shows, We talked. Then more family showed up.
    We celebrate birthdays in groups, since many of our birthdays are close together. Mom made some stew for all of us. She said that if she knew they were coming, we could have a BBQ meal, but she made due with what she had. I got a nice card and a gift card for Lowes Hardware.
    After everybody left, I went out back and packed up everything. Looking at the piece I was doing, I decided I have it centered wrong for what I was after. I was measuring from the widest areas to find the center. I should have been measuring from the narrowest areas.
     I might remount it and correct that. It won’t be as tall, but it will look better when done.
    I am thinking that I will make the mouth small, and hollow it out through the small hole, then drill through the branch ends for a decorative bowl. I will decide that kind of thing when I turn it.
    Some decisions will be determined because of mistakes you make. A little slip of the tool becomes a design opportunity....
    I will see what I get done next week.

 left pot is for the lobster boil. the right pot is for the turkey fryer. It has marks for how much oil to add for each sized turkey.
 view one of unworked wood mounted in lathe. base is on an angle.
 view two of unworked wood in the lathe.

 bottom view of wood.

 turned piece around in chuck. you can see where the drive spur dug through the bark.
base mounted in chuck.

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