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Year 13, Week 45, Day One (week 690)

Year 13, Week 45, Day One (week 690)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
12-19-15 Saturday

64 degrees in the morning with flags reaching out with a little bit of slump, fast moving patchy clouds following a front that just left us. I kept forgetting to get the afternoon temps but doubt it got past 80 degrees. The wind gusted mightily at very random times to blow light stuff off display tables, blow hats off heads, and make enough noise to panic a skittish cats.  You can tell it is fall by the changing of colors of licence plates. This weather report is brought to you by the City of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

I started painting my cards. The blocks of colors went fairly fast. I did the first two colors at the same time, covering the white card with blending colors. I did several more colors and shapes fairly fast. Each color change after the background was done after the paint dried. Because of my schedule, only once did I do two colors in the evening. When it came to details, things slowed way down. I ended up working with five brushes and finished the first ten when I completely run out of energy.  I hope to finish painting the rest  of them this weekend but will have to see.

Last week was an embarrassing riches of yard sales. This weekend was much like previous yard sales where you had to search to find them. I did buy a few items, but it was not until the last yard sale that I found “the pot of gold” in something that was inexpensive but a fantastic find. It made the whole day worth it. 
The woman said she had a friend that had a Tuxedo shop. She really had no idea what they were, but I saw possibilities in them even though I had no idea at the time as to what they were. I also got some costume jewelry that might be used in some projects. 

At home, I worked on a bunch of simple projects. I addressed the last of the tooth brushes I prepared, and made them into crochet hooks. One was so bendy that I essentially broke it, not that it is easy to break soft plastic and tossed it away. The others are useable. All could use some more sanding and polishing, but I got them to work.
I finished a dishcloth I was making from remnant cotton yarn. While working on it, a couple people said “pretty.”

I examined the pieces from the Tuxedo shop. I figured out that most of them are posts for cufflinks. There were three caps that use the posts. You slip the posts through the button holes and then slip the caps on (has a clip on the back that has a slot for the posts and then clips tight) for a decorative look. 
I dug out two of my crochet teddy bears that are in process. It took some effort but I was able to force the top of the post between the stitches and now these teddy bears have eyes. I just have to design-stitch them (Ears and neck),  finish filling and then stitch them closed. I like the looks of these eyes. 

I spent time with a new Kindle Fire tablet, figuring out how it works and figuring out how to find things downloaded. My big toe understands it but the rest of me does not......

Momma kitty was hungry for attention. She hung around as long as I was willing to pet her. She bolted when a wind gust really rattled things. It was loud enough to catch my attention.

I hope to finish my cards tomorrow. I will have to see what tomorrow brings.

Year 13, Week 45, Day One (week 690)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
12-20-15 Sunday

76 degrees in the late morning, cooling to 70 by noon. Flags waving straight out most of the time. Patchy clouds shifting around often. This weather report is brought to you by the City of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

I helped someone set up a drum kit. We were missing one stand, but got it where it could be used otherwise. I had never set up a drum kit before and it was interesting. The peddle symbol took some time to figure out before I got it working.. Once we get that one missing stand, it will be a good setup for the drummer..

The wind was strong and we just sat outside in the wind protected awning area  and talked until it was time to go in and eat. I left after lunch as I had things to do at home. 

I finished the painting of my cards. That is a lot of work. Now I have to letter the back and inside of the cards. That is also a big project. At least I can do that anywhere. I really needed two more weeks at least, three would be better. The cards did not come out anything like I planned. In spite of the fact that I made all sorts of mistakes in the design but they came out pretty good. I gave out some cards yesterday and last night and some cards today so the first ten cards are gone. I did get a couple “cute” from people. 

This week is Christmas. I have not given much thought on what to give out this year. Usually I am planning ahead so usually I am not surprised. This season came too early. I am still not ready for Easter, let alone Christmas. I will have to do some scrambling to get ready. 
Of course, it effects the rest of the week and also the weekend. 

I have loads of projects in mind but will have to see what comes up next weekend.

plastic tool box

 Plastic tool box



These are cuff link osts. The three big ones on the upper right are the caps. The posts go through the cuff from the bottom, and the caps slide on to the tops of the posts and clip shut, holding the cuff closed. Upper left are more standard style of cuff links.

stepped display shelf for small objects.

The dish cloth I finished today, made from four different remnant cotton yarns.

tooth brush crochet hooks stuck in yarn used to test them. By holing the handle normally, the hooks are on top, middle and bottom. All are quite usable but it is  a matter as to what is most comfortable to work with. I am finding the side the best, and the bottom second best. More experimentation needed.

Partially done teddy bear with a face and the new link posts as eyes.

two partially done teddy bears with their noses and new eyes.

Six of my first ten Christmas Cards. Another forty to finish.

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