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Year 13, Week 43, Day One (week 689)

Year 13, Week 43, Day One (week 689)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
12-05-15 Saturday

I was warned again, that RAIN does not exist in South Florida. It is officially called LIQUID SUNSHINE. This is by order of the South Florida Department Of Tourism. 
75 degrees early morning 78 in the afternoon. Solid clouds with Liquid Sunshine coming down from a light mist to quite heavy at times, with a break in what is coming down, now and then. Good strong winds drove the water, coming off the roofs, under awnings to wet everything. Plants are singing with joy as they are getting lots of free watering.  This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of tourism.

With the wet weather, there were no yard sales. It did not matter as we had a family gathering at a breakfast Buffet. I was back against the wall of connected tables (Restaurant version of the kids table)  and could not go for thirds. It was enough anyway.

When we got back, I took a long nap after eating like a pig, “oink, oink” Well, actually, I did use silverware so that was not really accurate.......

I finally went outside with the idea of a project. I have to see the dentist later in the month so I thought I would make some crochet hooks, out of tooth brushes I have, for the hygienist who has messed with crochet before. I had a set of ten tooth brushes that had been run through the dish washer just for this kind of project .  
I cut the heads off at the band saw. Then set up my folding work table and got out my carving basket and got to work with my knife. I considered getting out the dremmel, but with the wind was blowing water in onto the table while it was fully under the awning, I decided it was not wise. 

Band-sawed tooth brushes

The rubber texture on one of the tooth brushes had became tacky, so I tossed that one. On the rest, I made the shaft an even diameter from tip to where the handle actually started. I carved away the taper up to the handle so I wanted  much shaft as possible without a whole lot of work. 
I rough rounded the ends with the knife. The more you cut away, the less grinding and sanding will be necessary. 
Next time I get out to work, I need to sand the shafts so they are smooth and even. Then I will use the dremmel cutting disk to make the hooks on them. I plan to use a little bit of power sanding to remove the knife cut edges then a tiny bit of hand sanding. I will have to check the diameters  to the sizing gage for crochet hooks and might need to make a little bit of an adjustment on the diameters.

prepared tooth brushes for crochet hooks. Now for sanding and cutting in the hook.
Notice the water on the table surface. It was blown in about three feet.

Tooth brushes curve from the handle. I made some of these tooth brush crochet hooks before. One can hold the handle in many ways and one can have the hook facing up, down left side or to the right side, in relation to the handle as you would hold it to brush your teeth. I do remember that they all worked, but there was one that I liked better than the others and cannot remember what that is. I am too lazy to dig through my records to find it.
I hope to have these made next weekend so I can go onto another project, which I have many projects in mind.

It is getting near the time I need to design and paint my Christmas Cards. Coming up with a design is tough. It has to be simple but effective. I am still considering my options. Some years I used an ornament I made as the basis for the card. Other years it almost came out of the paint brush. It is so nice to have the cards done weeks ahead of time so they can be given out to people I won’t see later. 

My nephew is getting married tomorrow, so tomorrow is utterly shot for absolutely anything. 
“Not all men are fools, Some are bachelors.”  
“I am waiting for that rich widow to throw herself at my feet and beg me to marry her......”

I will see what happens next week.

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