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Year 15, Week 38, Day One (week 735)

    Year 15, Week 38, Day One (week 735)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
10-25-14 Saturday

    69 degrees very early morning 84 late in the day, blue sky early morning, with puffs appearing “suddenly” about ten. I never noticed they were there until one blocked the sun. It took me a while to realize they were marching to the south. They stayed from just past over head and spread on to the West. They mostly disappeared with remnants far west, the edge following the sun west. A nice breeze, not strong enough to blow things around, carried the heat of the sun away, making it quite comfortable. This weather report is brought to you by the City of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

It was Yard sale again.
I only had to bring out three bins and a bunch of boxed items. Four trips. It was still a lot of work. I took some stuff off my truck.
I left for breakfast and parked a distance away, then set up my stuff for display. I used the bins my stuff was in to add to raising stuff up off the ground.

I brought a bunch of model railroad buildings I had accumulated from a couple yard sales. I was selling them for a dollar and sold ten of them. I sold a couple other items. I did not do horrible. I did get rid of a a bunch of stuff. I will try to bring more next week and hope to sell more too.

I had started a dish cloth early last week and finished it up. It is a yarn color that many people like. I then did another dish cloth, this time in pink. I used a pattern of increasing stitch lenth each row, then starting small again and working my way up again. After finishing this one, I started a third dish cloth in some yarn I got from a recent yard sale.

I shaved some on the ornaments I have in process. Making big adjustments on the mice, making some finishing cuts on a few of the sox. The knitting took up most of my time. I have a tighter time limit on them than on the ornaments.

During the week, I came up with an idea for another ornament. I did not have the opportunity to go and make blanks. Maybe tomorrow.

I did have my Christmas ornaments on display. I am holding on my price of them, possibly the most expensive items in our yard sale. For the work I put into them, I am not about to let them go cheaper than I am. I haven’t changed my price since I started making them back in 2000.

The yard sale ended and I had to pack up stuff. I only had one bin, one of mine, and some boxed items to put away, along with some empty bins. Mom emptied some four bins this time. She still had four bins she had not opened for the sale.
Mom’s big problem is that she is missing a bunch of power supplies for moving or lighted ornaments. She won’t sell them if she can power them up. She asked my brother to check his house to see if there are some there.

I was wore out and sore. I do plan to work on the new ornament tomorrow.

I will see what I actually do tomorrow.

    Year 15, Week 38, Day Two (week 735)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
10-26-14 Sunday
    Blue sky, nice breeze, 69 degrees very early morning, 84 degrees in the afternoon, This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach department of Tourism.
    For some reason, I am very tired this morning, I had to force myself to do some on line stuff I needed to do, and then do laundry before I could get heading to Mom’s house.
I worked on the dish cloth I started yesterday and got it finished.

My brother was making a wood step for his house as one of his regular house guest can’t go up one step well enough any more.
I talked to him while he was working.  He was almost done.
Later with his project finished,  he sat down to read, I cut two blanks for a new Christmas ornament idea. Each one is twice as tall as they are wide. I sat down and started the process of removing wood.
    I intend to use the bandsaw to make rough blanks for the multiple pieces I need to make, but first I have to figure out what has to be removed. I am carving these from scratch so I don’t make big blunders.
    I have already figured out some of the details even though I have not gotten very far, and others will have to be worked out as I go such as angles and sizes. I do have the concept ornament  started.

Being tired, I stopped when lunch was called and after lunch napped for a short time before going home.
I found out that I have made eight dish cloths so far this year. Three this week. Each dish cloth has a different color or design so far. I have not tried repeating what I did before. There are stitches, patterns and effects, I still want to try. I also have a couple colors of yarn I have not worked with yet in my stash. I have many more weeks to make dish cloths. The nice thing is that the more dish cloths I make, the more people I can add to my list that will get something from me.
I added a dark red edging on the pink dish cloth, with shells where the stitches are tight, and on the corners (a cornering experiment) and will have to look at it and get some opinions, as I might rip it out and re-do it in some way if I don’t like the results.

If the weather is good next weekend, we will have another yard sale. I will work more on the new ornament design and will see how things go everywhere else.

I will see what I do next weekend.

My work area with my big drink

Started this scarf near the beginning of the week. finished it up early in the morning. colors are very popular.

did this scarf with a graduating pattern, single crochet, half double, double crochet, half triple, triple crochet, then single again. 

My ornaments on display

My portion of the yard sale. 

Started this dish cloth on Saturday and finished it Sunday.

The three dishcloths I finished this weekend.

An experiment. I have not cut the yarn from the ball yet, trying to decide whether I like the results.

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