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Year 15, Week 37, Day One (week 734)

Year 15, Week 37, Day One (week 734)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
10-18-14 Saturday
    69 degrees early morning, 76 at around eight, 86 as the high. Blue sky, nice breeze, loads of sun. This was the right temperature for our project of the day. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.
We did not go out, but we set up our yard sale.
I brought three bins worth of stuff, figuring it would add quite a bit to her sale. I was shocked that my stuff fit in a five by five area and looked sparse. Mom had over 20 bins of stuff along with stuff in boxes and this was a super sized yard sale, all Christmas stuff. My sister-in-law had died this year and Mom gathered all the Christmas stuff she had and added her own stuff.

I got to Mom’s house and went out to start bringing bins in before we went for Breakfast at Seven. Well, It was nearing Nine when I decided I had brought enough. I was worn out. 
Nothing was above the weight of what I am allowed to lift. Being bins, most things required just minimal bending. The fact that it was so many of them, placing them on the Wagon and then pulling the wagon carefully through the obstacle course of the path to the front, and then taking them off the wagon and setting them on top each other, it added up to do me in. There was a few things still in the shed I did not bring out, and I left some things on the wagon. I was really done working for the day. I then had to bring out my bins which were near the front and lay out the contents. And then my projects to work on during the sale. With a humongous drink, I just sat and worked on my projects while people came to get Mom’s stuff.
Mom emptied a bin and got rid of some large bulky things. I sold $4.50 worth of stuff. Nothing I have is worth much.

I worked on my mice ornaments, correcting the shape of them due to sloppy bandsaw work on making the blanks. The head and nose had to be about half the length. The ears needed to be cut down and shaped. I got all four down to a good rough shape. They are ready for finish carving.


 partially corrected mouse next to one untouched. I shortened the nose even more a bit later.

During the week, I started on a dish cloth that was made up of the shell stitch. This is where you put five double crochet into one loop and spread them out into a fan. There is an opposite stitch that I know, but I could not, for the life of me, get it to work. I ended up just adding shells between the other ones. Even with this, the stitches fought me. When I was done, the dishcloth was not square in any way shape or form. I didn’t like the yarn much either. It was white, with small sections of pink and a blue haze in one area. I was happy to get that dishcloth finish and done with.


 shell dish cloth. The design made sure nothing was square.

I started a wave stitch dish cloth using two colors. The wave is created by -half single, single, half double, double, half treble, treble, and back down again, -- repeating the pattern all the way across. I was doing two color crochet. I was using lime green and yellow yarns. The next row is basically opposite the stitches done in the previous row so the top bars are straight across. I used a double crochet row to give the wave some more mass.
Two years ago, I made dish cloths and this pattern was well received. It is fun to do but a bit of work. I finished the day with a third of the dish cloth done.  To get the pattern to work right, I made it 30 stitches across, which meant that it would take about 15 rows to complete it.


two color wave dish cloth.

When it came near time to pack up, I packed up my stuff and then went in and napped for about half an hour before coming back out to help mom, even though she was done. As usual, Mom can run me into the ground with no trouble.  Pain pills and taking it easy during the rest of the day helped.  It was not until Noon that the thought about sun burn came to me. My arms are pretty much tanned. I wear long pants and a wide brimmed hat. Only my neck and arms were really in the sun.

I have no idea what condition I will be in tomorrow. My main project is to go over my drills. I chose not to set them out in case I wanted to hang onto them. I will go through ever y battery, and every charger. I will also try to finish the wave dish cloth I started today.

I will see what I actually do tomorrow.

Year 15, Week 37, Day Two (week 734)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
10-19-14 Sunday
    69 degrees early morning, 85 as the high. Blue sky, nice breeze, no humidity, quite comfortable.  Sitting in the shade of the awning, this was nice. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.
    I stopped at a yard sale on the way to Mom’s. They had almost nothing, but they did have a food processor. It looks like the same brand I have at home. The slicer and grater is on a stand inside the machine and the stand on mine broke. If they are the same, it will be worth the money. If they are not compatible but still work, it will be worth the money.

At Mom’s house, after petting and feeding the kitty, I set up the table and gathered up most of my Harbor Freight drill stuff.  It did not take too long to figure out that several of the chargers did not work. They have a cord that plugs into the charging stand and the cords are damaged. One of them worked as long as the cord hung down over the edge.
I found that one drill has a problem with the switch. Stick the battery in and it starts instantly. The switch is jammed. So is the direction switch. I could likely fix it by opening it, or ruin it beyond repair, depending on my skills on that day.

I dug out all my Makita drill stuff. I found two chargers did not work. One was not in a good mood. A couple did not like the batteries I plugged in. I charged a few of my batteries with my Harbor Freight charger.

Harbor Freight puts the batteries in backwards to Makita. Otherwise, they work for the most part.
I marked the bad batteries, chargers, and drills. I Got a more permanent cloth bag for the equipment to be stored in rather than a big black garbage bag.
I have more harbor freight stuff but not sure exactly where they are. I guess I will have to dig deeper into the shed. That looks like too much work.

I finished the wave dish cloth. I had found some more dish cloth yarn. The lime green and yellow waves needed an edging and I decided that a dark olive green edging would look good. That was in the yarn I found.
I will start something fairly simple for my next dish cloth. I decided on a pink yarn, but not sure What I will do. I have some dark red yarn so a two color, pink and red, dish cloth would look nice, but I would rather not start another multi colored dish cloth. It is hard to keep track of the multiple balls. If you are not sitting in one place and working, the yarn keeps getting tangled. 

Next weekend, if the weather is any good, we will have another yard sale. I hope to have even more stuff to display next weekend. I may have the drills out, then again, I might decide to keep them. I have a week to think about it.  I hope to do a couple more dish cloths. I also need to make more mice blanks. I still need to come up with a fourth design.

I will see what I actually do next weekend.

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