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Year 15, Week 38, Day One (week 734)

Year 15, Week 38, Day One (week 734)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
10-11-14 Saturday
90 degrees in the afternoon, blue sky with puffs all around, nice breeze. One of the best days in months. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    I was not on my best of days, having a medical treatment the day before, but did pretty well.
    I finished another dish cloth. With this one, I used a row pattern, a single crochet row, a double crochet row, a triple crochet row, a double, a single, and then a second single to restart the pattern. It came out pretty well. Good enough for a dish cloth.

 Another finished dish cloth. The yarn had strands of three different colors. Red, Blue, Yellow and green.

    Mom talked about having a yard sale this weekend so I gathered two bins worth of stuff to sell from my place and then she decided to hold off.  At least that stuff is out of my house. I will be able to collect a bin or two more by next weekend.
    We visited a yard sale that was advertized “Because my husband ordered it.” I thought that was cute. It was several families gathering together. I picked up some white crochet thread and that was it. It looked lonely and I have some at home of many different colors to keep it company.
    We then went to an organized place where they have collectibles and nick-knacks. There, I found a cheese box filled with yarn. I looked at it four times before I decided to get it. A bit later, a woman was gushing over the box so I took the yarn out and sold the box to her. I ended up spending a dollar for the yarn.  There was some cotton in there and my newest dish cloth is being made from one of those balls.

 Cheese box

 the yarn I got. the white ball in the upper left I got at another yard sale.

    While gathering stuff for the yard sale, I ran across my Game Boy Games. I knew where two of my Game Boy units were, but could not find the games. I’d been looking for about six months. I moved a bin that was holding stuff that went to Mom’s house for the yard sale and there were the games. I have some 30 games and with the game cartridges, I had two more game units. That is almost as good as getting a yard sale find for a dollar. I picked out four games to carry with me. 
    I did some running around which included waiting for some medicine, and that pretty much ended my day. Other than unloading the truck, petting the kitties, and feeding them again, I did nothing outside.

Considering how I felt during the day, I did very good.

I hope to do some woodworking tomorrow.

I will see how I do.

Year 15, Week 38, Day Two (week 734)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
10-12-14 Sunday
    88 degrees, breeze blowing beneath the awning, blue sky with only an occasional cloud overhead which was gone fairly quickly. Most of the clouds were along the horizon all around, mostly to the west.  Being slightly cooler, today was much better than yesterday. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    I stopped at a yard sale on the way to Mom’s house. I picked up one of those dog-claw sanding units. The people said their dog wouldn’t let them use it. It is actually a pretty good unit. It will use some of the larger shaft Dremmel bits. It is variable speed from almost stopped to pretty fast. I have not tested the power on it yet. I checked and the threaded collar is bigger in diameter than Dremmel. I will have to see if the collet chucks from Dremmel will fit in this unit. If they do, it will become a nice unit. Of course it will be good for what it is designed for.

Doggy nail grinder.

    I had some clear plastic tooth brushes and decided to turn them into crochet hooks. I also had a couple other pieces that needed work.
    I first worked on a Sea-Grape crochet hook I had made and broke the hook off. I shaved the “handle” back quite a ways and got the diameter about right using my knife. I used the Dremmel with a flap-sander bit on it to smooth out the ridges caused by the knife. It needs some more work but it now is useable.
    I had a hook I had made from a tooth brush that needed some adjustments. It still needs some but is much better.
    I cut the bristles off the tooth brushes and then shaved the shafts roughly round with the knife. I cleaned it up a bit with the dremmel flap-sander, then used the dremmel with a cutting disk to cut in the hooks. A bit more sanding and they are usable. They are not quite right and need adjustments. One of them somehow got turned around so the handle is backwards for what is comfortable when holding the hook right.
    I am learning that crochet hooks don’t have to be a perfect design to be used. Getting the comfort and feel right is important, but in a pinch, these can all be used with no problems.  With a couple of these, the shaft needs to be a bit smaller. Others need the hook cut in better. Plastic melts a little while being power cut and that messes up the results when shaping the hooks.

 Crochet hooks. The upper one is Sea Grape wood. I adjusted the second from the top. 
The middle one I accidentally put the hook on the back side. They all work, though.

    After making them and searching for something with my brother that we could not find, I pretty much gave up for the day. I did get something done, however small it was, so I am not complaining.
    Next weekend, Weather willing, We will be having a yard sale. I will be working on carving projects and crochet while waiting for people to look around. It was what I planned for Saturday and since the yard sale did not happen, it messed up my plans quite a bit.
    I will have to see what actually happens during next weekend.


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