Monday, February 3, 2014

Year 15, Week 03, Day One (week 700)

 leg brace
 knife block with sharpening iron
 machine vice
 Florida Gater (FSU) bag for my carry crochet
 view of weather stripping plane from bottom
 view of weather stripping plane in place
books on quilting, crochet and lace

Year 15, Week 03, Day One (week 700)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
02-01-14 Saturday
    82 degrees, Sunny all day, some light clouds in the morning, some puffs built over the Everglades. Nice breeze helped. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach department of Tourism.
        YARD SALES!!!
    We hit several yard sales. Actually it was an extended yard sale day. In the morning, after Breakfast, we hit a couple yard sales. One woman gave me three books just to get rid of them. The one I was interested in buying was THE CROCHET ANSWER BOOK by Edie Eckman. I have gone through three quarters of the book and saw several things I need to follow up on, and a few things were explained better.
    Another book she gave me was CRAFTING WITH LACE by Joyce Elizabeth Cusick, and then COTTON THEORY QUILTING by Betty Cotton. I plan to send the last two books to my sister who does quilts.
    I later headed out again on yard sales, running the long route. I picked up another leg brace. The one I have is beginning to show wear on the straps.  Then hit several yard sales in a row. One I got a book for a friend, and a Florida Gator bag. That bag now holds my "travel" crochet stuff. I retired the now tattered insulated bag I was using. I also found a missing check book in a part of the old travel bag where I tucked the insulated inner lining of the flap as it had come apart. The check book was tucked in a spot it was not noticeable. I never "scrunched" the bag which would have pointed it out to me.
    One sale had a SINGER sewing machine. I did not have the hundred dollars to get it. It had a few other things that were interesting, but I knew I did not need them.
    Another yard sale netted me a flat machinist vice and a STANLEY NO. 387 WEATHER STRIPPING PLANE. Other than three thumb screws to hold depth stops, it is all there. The vice will go to my brother, The prices were excellent. The price of the vice was a fraction of what I saw on line when I later checked it out.
    The fourth yard sale had children's stuff.
    I was right near (about a block) a big church yard sale but did not see the signs so I missed it. All these yard sales were bigger, having more stuff, than most. I would have really loved to have gone to the church one. Those are always the best.
    I was told about a city sponsored community event right near where I was so I finished the yard sales and went directly there.
    This event had loads of vendors, some free food, music, entertainment. There was a bounce house and a wheeled train ride among other things. It is a small place, but they have a nice looping walkway that the vendors line up on. I walked from one of the beginnings, to the very end and back. I only rested one spot and then not really long enough, to watch some martial arts kids showing off, after which I walked to another section where they had dancing.
    When I finally walked all they way back to my truck, I was weary. I ended up napping as soon as I got back to Mom's house.
    Other than sitting outside under the awning and petting the cats for a while, I accomplished no wood working.
    I will see about doing SOMETHING in wood working tomorrow.

Year 15, Week 03, Day Two (week 700)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
02-02-14 Sunday
    82 degrees, a shock wave of liquid sunshine hit at about eleven, then blue hazy skies and sunshine after that. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.
    I checked the radar and thought I would be well north of small area on the radar that was coming on land. I found that it was closer and bigger than the radar showed. I got to Mom's area and saw one yard sale, which was one we stopped at yesterday. I kept seeing mist on the windshield. I got to Mom's house and the sky broke open. I dashed in and got the thumb screw of the plane I got yesterday and got wet.
    I then went to the Ace Hardware store, which is about two blocks away. They did not have the thread of these thumb screws. This is a machine thread instead of a standard thread. I have to go to a specialty store to get the right thread. The worst of the weather was gone almost as soon as it started.
    The weather killed any mood to work outside. It was wet and humid. I even tried to work with my little laptop computer outside but the glare was too bright for the dim screen. I went inside and other than petting the cats a couple times, outside work was done.
    Next week does not look good for wood working if the weather is even slightly good. the local Renaissance fair starts and I want to go to it. It is best for me to go early, in the first two weeks, so I have time to recover and prepare for my art show next month. If the weather is even the slightest questionable, I likely will forego going to the fair and more likely do wood working of some sort.    If I go to the fair, I can write off Sunday as a recovery day.
    I will see what actually happens next week.

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