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Year 15, Week 04, Day One (week 701)

Year 15, Week 04, Day One (week 701)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
02-08-14 Saturday
    Indian fog early morning – Apache. Fog at my place, fog at mom’s fog about half way to Mom’s with clear air between. Lots of small clouds, a few pregnant grey, with blue sky between them, with quite a bit of sun. Light breeze most of the day with the temps in the low 80s. This Weather report is brought to you by the Cities of Pompano Beach, Wilton Manors, Sunrise, and the City of  Dania Beach, Departments of Tourism.
    Today was a Yard Sailing day. There were no yard sales when we left the restaurant. Mom was heading to a meeting and I had something else scheduled for the day.
I intended to go to the Renaissance fair, but decided to get my woodworking from the antique shop instead. That, when you really look at things, is much more important anyway.

I had some time to kill before I was to get to my destination, so I went high capacity yard sailing. I headed up farther North of us and worked my way down the back roads of Light House Point. I think I hit five yard sales in that area. At one yard sale, I found a bag that I think might have been for a CD player. I went to my truck to measure to see if my little laptop would fit and I had left it at home. I decided to get the bag since it was cheep. At another yard sale, I picked up another bag, bigger, but not padded. I went into a second section in Pompano and ran across another bag. It was about the right size and the woman said she had a laptop of the same brand as mine and had it in the bag. The laptop was stolen so she was getting rid of the bag. I got it also. All three bags were the same price.
The City of Wilton Manors has a community yard sale once a month. This was the day. I had a devil of a time finding a parking space, but finally found one. It is in the parking lot of the city hall. I walked around the place looking at the tables.
 The stuff I really liked were some antique wooden molding planes. One guy had taken a Stanley router plane, one that is a tooth that hangs down below the sole of the body and chip away the wood as you push it along. He had added Purple Heart handles and plate on the bottom. It was mint condition. He also was asking a price well worth the way it looked. I did not have that kind of money even if I really could have used it.
I ended up buying a standard medical adjustable height cane. It was cheep enough. It was a nice walk. I did miss one section that had the farmer’s market. I will remember that next time.

I picked up three bins at Home Depot. I need them for the art show, and afterwards will use them to make some room here at home. Of course, next year I will have to get some more.....

I got to the Candlelight Antique Shop in Dania and talked to Marty, who runs it. I then loaded my work into the bins. I was surprised that except for the two cannons, everything fits in two bins. The cannons were big enough where the barrel of the biggest cannon stuck out of the bins. I will bring this or other stuff back to the antique shop the month following the art show.
I usually stop at a thrift store right nearby when I am in the area, but I was a bit tired and in a hurry so I skipped it today. I was there last month anyway. The stuff I really want usually won’t show up that quickly.

I stopped off at home to get my laptop so I could check out the bags I got and see if they would work.

Back at Mom’s, I unloaded the bins out back and napped I was actually wore out. . Afterwards, I put the laptop in the last bag I got.

I did no wood working besides getting my stuff from the antique shop. I petted the kitty and she was thinking of melting into a furry puddle of cat when something caught her attention and she leaped off after it.
    Tomorrow I hope to do some wood working, but more likely go through the work I picked up and see what their condition might be in.
    I will see what I actually do tomorrow.

Year 15, Week 04, Day Two (week 701)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
02-09-14 Sunday   
    82 degrees, foggy in the morning, sunny with patches of fast moving North-Bound clouds in the early noon, thickening up later in the day to a solid mass of clouds. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Department of Tourism.
    I got to Mom’s house and dug out the bins from yesterday. I took a bucket of soapy water, sat and washed every single piece of woodworking I had brought home. This allowed me to examine every piece I had, see what condition they were in, and remove accumulated dirt and dust.
I have to replace the price tag on many of them and might adjust the prices while I am at it. Most pieces could use another coat of varnish and buffing. I found two pieces that need repairs. One was a dress vase that has a crack in the strap, and the other is a little Tababulia dish with the bark still on it. There was a crack in part of the bark. A dab of glue should suffice, along with another coat of varnish to seal it.

A friend came over so I was showing some of my other work. I found that several of my fairies have broken wings. One has a mushroom that was like an Umbrella, where the stem broke. I will have to do some serious repairs on these or not have them at the art show. I will have to see. I am not sure if I will be able to get around to scroll sawing more wings and installing them between now and the show. I will have to see. I should take out all these big carvings and see what condition all of them are really in. They will all need to be cleaned. I will have to sit with several kinds of little brushes and get into the crevices.

I have some stuff here at home that I need to bring up. I first have to figure out where I put them. I will look at the condition of all of them to see what needs repair and what cannot be shown.
I do plan to spend more of my table space on my small carvings.

Next week, I hope to do some real wood working, some good yard sailing, and go over my large carvings and see what condition they are in and figure out what needs to be done to repair them.

I will see what actually happens next weekend.


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