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Year 15, Week 02, Day One (week 699)

Year 15, Week 02, Day One (week 699)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-25-14 Saturday
    I forgot to check the temperature. I figure it was in the high 70s. high feathers and ripples early morning, low heavy clouds passed after noon, leaving high feathers and ripples in the evening. Light breeze, lots of sun made the day nice. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

    We hit several yard sales in the morning. At one, I got some wire strippers dirt cheep. Mom held a bag up. It was yarn. The colors were bright and pretty, and I could see pretty scarves made from those colors. I decided I had to take them home. I now keep that batch in the truck in case I need yarn or a project when I am not home.
    At another yard sale, I picked up a wooden cane for a quarter. I would not depend on it to hold my weight, and it is shorter than I like, also it needs a rubber foot as it is noisy. I ended up having that as a spare cane in the truck.
    One big sale was at the local Catholic Church. They have it a couple times a year and it is called AUNTIE'S ATTIC. I walked around the thing a half dozen times. I am still running into the problem where there are things I have more than enough of, and things I know I will now never use. It is frustrating as I see all sorts of really good stuff that won't be coming home.
    I saw a crank pasta machine sitting there. It was only five bucks. I walked away from it twice. I stopped to look at it again, and a woman was looking at it. I guess I gave her a sales pitch on it, telling how it is used, what one can do with it, how I make use of mine. The box said for Polymer clay. We found in the instructions that one should not use it for food after it is used for the clay. She saw some mess on the underside of one of the housings and decided not to get it. I walked around one more time and then picked it up.
    A bit later, I found a rattle for music and a child's tambourine and picked them up. They were later donated to a church. We were there for about an hour.
    At another yard sale, I picked up a couple books. THE MAD BATHROOM COMPANION Turd In The Series. It is a compilation of bits from their magazine. A couple I recognized. The other book was NEW YOUR TIMES NATURAL FOODS COOKBOOK. I picked it up because when I cracked it open, I saw Dandelion salad. I have flipped through it in more detail and it is mainly cooking from scratch -- Cooking without additives. It is pretty good. It has some interesting ideas.

new addition to the yarn stash

wire strippers and pen

rattle and tambourine 

cook book and joke book

crank pasta machine

detail of inlay on wooden cane

whole wooden cane

    One little project I did was on the shed. We have a hard wood pin to help hold the door closed. It is attached with an eye hook to a string. The piece of wood came off the hook. I tried to reattach it but the wood was splintering, well weathered. I cut a piece of oak from one of the slats from an old barrel. I shaped it with a knife to fit the hole nicely. I figure it will last a while.
    We went out for lunch at THE CRACKER BARREL. This is a chain where they offer old Southern cooking. They have a store attached to the Restaurant. The store has interesting things that change by the season. They have antique items hanging from the ceiling in the store, and attached to the walls in the restaurant. It is a fun place as we try to figure out what the things are, and how they were used. We sat in a section of the restaurant we don't normally get and it was fun to see new things. There was a foot wide mandolin slicer. Mom said it was for slicing cabbage for sauerkraut. She said that Dad had one.

With a short nap, that took up my whole day. No wood working other than making that peg.

I have no idea what I will work on, but I do hope to accomplish something tomorrow.
Year 15, Week 02, Day Two (week 699)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
01-26-14 Sunday
    57 degrees early morning, 78 degrees in the afternoon, high feathers and ripples all day long with sunshine. A light breeze was almost ignoreble. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    I found last night, I left my normal cane at the gas station. I am using my clunky spare cane. The wood cane I got yesterday is now in my truck as an emergency spare. That is the second four footed (quad) cane I have lost in three weeks.
    There was something rattling in the pasta maker I purchased. I found out that a screw was missing and a nut was rattling round inside. I also checked the one I had and found that this new one is almost exactly the same as my old machine. The only difference between the two, besides the new roller having going to a thinness of nine rather than seven, is that the old machine used sheet metal screws to hold the base on and the new one used a screw and a nut to hold the base on. They are different brand names but the same machine. I really need to completely dismantle my old machine and clean it properly. there appears to be some corrosion on the housing so I need to clean that up. That is a project for some other time.
    Not wanting to do too much serious wood working, I dug out the metal lathe and decided to round some Bamboo chop sticks. I miss-remembered how much of the chop sticks are square. That made for more rounding than I thought was necessary. I machined one from beginning to end. I then took a couple more and used the knife to remove the corners before placing them on the lathe. Finally, I got an idea based on what I saw on TV a couple times. I saw where they made pegs by driving them through a hole. The wood out of the round was simply forcibly scraped off.
    My brother periodically sharpens his drill bits when he is up here. He has a heavy piece of angle iron that he drills into to test to see if he has the bit sharpened properly.
    I dug out that angle iron, found a hole about the right size and drove the chop stick through it. Usually, when I got near the end, I would start spreading the bamboo. They were round-ish, but not nicely round. The roughly rounded chopsticks are something to work with.
    I located the last for disks I had made for my little three legged stools and added legs. I then sanded the top on the disk sander and leveled the legs to finish them up.
    This week, I went to one of my doctors and showed him my three legged stools and told him they were my stool samples. He laughed really hard. That was nice. I had "signed" them and added eye hooks to the side of the seat so they could be hung. This doctor was not the one I made these for.
    I accomplished a tiny bit this week, but nothing like what I really needed to do. I hope next week I actually accomplish something.
    I will see what I do next week.

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