Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WoodWorking (week 634)

Year 12, Week 8, Day One (week 634)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
09-09-12 Sunday
96 degrees, light breeze, blue sky with lots of fast moving patches of clouds. Only a  few times did one get in front of the sun. This weather report is brought to you by the city of Pompano Department of tourism.

It has been 5 months since my accident. My back is bothering a little by mid day at work and my leg has not been doing as well as I would like.
We went to a special doctor who works on sports stars. I found out that my tail bone was broke, I have a compressed disk about mid back and may have a pinched nerve in between. I will be going to get an MRI to see what it can find.


We went yard sailing. I finally found some stuff to buy. I use a wheeled basket to carry stuff from my car to my home so my arms are not filled with loads of stuff.  My favorite basket is still stuck inside the wrecked truck. It does not look like it is repairable.
Mom found a wheeled basket and brought it to my attention. It is smaller than the one I had, and it is better built. It also has a set of wheels in front so that I can roll it without tipping it back when it is really full. It also fits behind the seat of my truck, the passenger seat a bit straighter up and down to accommodate the wheels.
I got one of those "as advertized on TV" Magic Bullets. It is a tiny blender. It came with two blades and two jars with lids.
I also got a set of those bamboo plate holders for holding paper plates. Some people may be getting them as gifts.

While I was in the hospital, my wood pile collapsed. one of the pegs I used to hold it up, gave way.  A few weeks ago, I had to go behind it to get a boy's ball that went over the fence. It was a real challenge for me to crawl over the wood to get the ball, and then crawl back. One big piece of wood seemed too heavy to lift.
Today, I went out there and started re-stacking the light stuff. when I got to the heavy stuff, they were not all that heavy. they were just pinned into place. Now my mom can get to the fence behind my wood pile.


I intended to clear off the workbench, but got involved in petting the cat, and watching my brother prepare some boards for Christmas Ornaments he is going to scroll saw. He glues the boards together, then after that has dried, he uses rubber cement to glue the patterns to the boards. He will drill entry holes for the blade to scroll them out, and then he can cut them out at leisure.

We went to SEARS to get some scroll saw blades. I had a gift card that I wanted to use. It had about seventeen dollars on it. I now have three dollars on it. SEARS is not a place I shop at very often. I like other kinds of stuff.

It is hard to keep track of things, but working with the wood pile yesterday may have over-done my back. Then again it could have been anything else. My back was bothering me by the time we went to an afternoon meeting.

I finished another pair of dish cloths in Crochet. I now have four pairs of dish cloths that are similar, three that are individual. I had a fourth that was badly rectangle. Looking at it, I found the end so I completely unraveled it. I then restarted with it being smaller. I got about a third of the way and realized I would not be able to do two of these with the way I was using the yarn. I unraveled it again and started with a new pattern. this really looks good. I am using a multi colored green yarn and a solid brown yarn. I am doing the wave, again as I have done before. This time, though, I do the wave with the green yarn, then I complete the wave with the brown yarn, then do a second  row of brown, then change back to green. It really shows off the pattern perfectly. I will also be able to get two dish cloths out of this two balls of yarn. that is good.

One project for next week is to clear off the work bench and get things sorted and put away. I have a lot of projects in process and the stuff for them in in the way. I can also change things around. I will say though, a couple lizards live in the piles of stuff and they are not going to like the change at all. They never dol.
I should also be working on my woodworking projects. I have loads of them to do. I have had a tendency of not wanting to get really dirty. I may have to just get over it.....

I will see what I actually do next week.

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