Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WoodWorking (Week 637)

Year 12, Week 9, Day One (week 637)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
09-23-12 and 10-06-12 Sunday

I forgot to write anything down so I am may get things out of order.


My brother fixed the scroll saw by squaring the thread of the tensioning rod with a hammer. This made the thread out of round, making the nut stay put better.  He needed to do more but now is enough. It is now a good machine.

I marred a piece of wood with the knife and found my wrist was not good. I gave up.

I am trying to carve a skater. I figured out that if I have someone in a coat, it is going to take a lot of carving to get it done. I decided the skater is going to have to be a penguin. Smooth lines. If I get the design right, I can turn part of the project and bandsaw some more to save time. All I have to do is get to do it.


Nothing much to mention here other than picking up two books at a yard sale. One is a 1967 how-it-works book which is pretty good. I have seen others and this one has more text, which means it explains more.

I had a blood test and got word that I had  an urinary infection. I was sen to DR and he put in a catheter and coloscopy bag to check to see if there is a solution to one problem there. It hurt with every movement so I was not much up to do anything. They took it out Monday, two days early and I am not right yet, worse than ever before. I will be gong for surgery next week. Yuck!!

I doubt it much, but hope to do something in wood working next weekend.



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