Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 557 wood working

year 10, Week 35, Day One (week 557)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
09-11-10 Saturday

98 degrees, sunny with showers in the area. While in Palm beach county, we drove through some weather that was heading to the botanical gardens when we left there. The weather at Mom's house was sunny, very slight wind, humid. This weather report is brought to you by the Palm Beach County, and the City Of Pompano, Departments of tourism.

This past week was my dad's birthday. We went up to visit his grave at the military cemetery. There are times where I am embarrassed to admit I was his son, as I am afraid that people would expect more of me.

The Palm Wood turning club had a display and demonstration at the MOUNTS BOTANICAL GARDENS Orchids Show and Sale. Since we were near that far north, we went to the botanical gardens and look at the orchids. While there, we had a look at the turning club stuff. I got some fun ideas for projects, not that I need more I did not take many pictures this time. I mainly just looked.

When we got back, we had lunch and then I got my stuff out back to work.

I am angry. someone replaced the beast of the back yard, WITH A CAT!!!.
At least that is how he was acting. He came up to me and laid down at my feet and let me pet him all over. He would lay over on his side to let me rub under his chin and side of his head. He would lay there for a long time. I think he only got up when I ignored him, not giving him enough attention. He came back for more many times. Next month will be the start of my fourth year of taming him in October. I started taming him October 11th, 2007. We have done well.

My main project was making shaving flowers. I have a use for a couple hundred of them. I mainly sat and shaved flowers one after another. I made about thirteen flower and then, added the stems which are bamboo skewers, then painted some of them. I picked out the very best, and gave them a clear varnish coat. I then separated out the rest and painted them either red, blue or yellow. Some of the flowers actually look a little sick for one reason or another. The color makes them look better than they really are.

I had started some duckling bowls a while back. I decided to glue the heads on them, even though the bowls need sanding and other work. I will have to make some more heads a bit later.
I decided I will finish them up tomorrow. It will be easy sitting work using the dremmel.

I also dug out some swan ornament blanks from last year. I glued a broken head back on, and will finish them up soon. It requires some dremmel work to remove waste wood where the knife has problems reaching, before I get to serious carving on them to finish them. I can get them finished on a day or so, once I get to them.

I need pencil cups. I can use three of them at home. I found out my mom can use several. I know I will need some more for a few other people. I have a turning club meeting this next week, so I might as well make them for display for that too (good for displaying the flowers too).

Tomorrow will be busy and if I put my mind to it, I can get a lot done.

Tomorrow, I will see what I actually get done.

year 10, Week 35, Day Two (week 557)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
09-12-10 Sunday

95 degrees, blue sky, very little breeze until the afternoon, Some distant towers to the east in the afternoon, closer ones to the south, good afternoon breeze. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.

The beast of the back yard was pretty good. He was a little more like himself, gnashing at me a couple times because I was not doing what he wanted, or doing something he did not want. Nice that he was back to his old self and not totally like a cat, today.

My main project was to make some pencil cups. I worked with the first one. It had some nice knots on the outside, which, of course, made making the inside difficult. The knots resisted the tools as I hollowed it out.
I made the first one, but did not remove the tenon on the bottom yet. I then made the second one. I finished the second one, and fixed the bottom of the first, and decided I had to go inside. I was standing out in the sun, except for a half hour period where I sat with the cat while making shaving flowers, for about three hours. Dinner was about ready too so it was a good time to cool down and dry off.

A while back, I started making some duckling bowls. this morning, I glued the heads on, and then later I added more glue and I also did some sanding. I have more work to do with them but I want to try to get them ready for the Thursday turning club meeting. I at least hope to get them ready for that.

I sat and made a few flowers. I wanted to mix my turning with my carving and ended up only making four flowers. I ran out of time to do more. I ended up making 28 of them this weekend.

I have a turning club meeting Thursday. I have my flowers, my pencil cups, and my ducklings I would like to display. Whether I can get it done, is something else. I hope to sand and varnish enough to make them presentable.

Next weekend, I have to get some things done for my vacation the following week.

I will see what I actually do next week.

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