Monday, September 13, 2010

09-13-10 Did You Write?

09-13-10 Did You Write?
It is that time of the week again. Time to report on whether you wrote at some time this past week. this is the place to brag about accomplishments, cry about failures, and otherwise tell about what is going on in your life.
We don't care what you write, as long as you write. Writing new is writing, editing, even if it is someone else's work is also writing. Word count does not matter as with some editing, reducing the word count is more important.
Blogging, technical writing, writing assignments, world and character creation, poetry, are all writing. So is E-mails if they pertain to story or writing, and are very wordy. If you have to ask if it is writing, Our answer is YES.

As for me, I am working on one of my Waxy dragon stories. I decided to rewrite it from scratch, rather than try to save the old version through edits. I am satisfied with the results I am getting. It has a full feel to it. I am even getting emotions into the work something I had never done before. I have added 4725 words this week, bringing it from four pages to twelve pages. I love what I am doing right now. Yesterday, I had a problem with a scene that did not seam to advance the story, even though it included some of my best writing. My writing partner gave a few suggestions and suddenly I had the handle on the story.
Earlier today, I was doing some inspired writing, then something caused my computer to reboot and I lost my work. I have recreated it but something is missing.

On the story idea front, I will be gone the last week of the month. I am trying to get caught up for all the days I will mess this month. I have 49 story ideas on my compost stack, and have posted my 17th story idea for the 13th day of the month. I should be able to get it done. These are all real short, not as satisfying a presentation I am used to but I am involved in some serious writing projects and length is one thing that went to give me more writing time. most are written in a half hour.
Even these notes are shorter than they used to be to allow more writing time.

As to the question of the week,



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