Monday, May 10, 2010

Did You Write? 05-10-10

Did You Write? 05-10-10

This is an attempt to embarrass myself, along with all others who reply to this note, into writing at last something during the week. We are not concerned with how much you write, or what you write, as long as you are adding words to the page. The more, the better, but even "the right word" will do the job.
I don't have time to list all that can be writing. Check previous notes for the list. Even if you are in question, if you think you might say yes, that is good enough for us.

I wish to congratulate those who have had success, in finishing or even submitting, over the past few months. I don't reply to this note very often after it is posted so I don't often get a chance to say, "I wish it was me......

AS for my writing, I can say yes. In my work in progress, I had added a page of text, about 680 words, and then stuck most of my outline to the end of my work and then added another 830 words. I had a set of really good writing sessions this week. I do see that there is a problem with my outline and what I already had written. This week I will have to sort out the difference and make the necessary changes. The main thing I am doing with the outline, is editing it into actual writing, filling in detail, making transitions, smoothing things out.
I do expect to actually go backwards on my total word count when I am done with the corrections.

On the story idea front, including what I posted tonight, I have 53 story ideas in my compost pile. I got three story ideas today, alone. There was a couple days where I did dig a little deeper into the compost pile, and actually moved a couple rather poor or difficult ideas down in the stack so good ideas were easier to find.

For this week, I can say



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