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Year 17, Week 14, Day One (week 900)

Year 17, Week 14, Day One (week 900)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
04-15-17 Saturday
    72 low, 81 high, lots of clouds with a little sun. A breeze sent plastic bags flying. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of tourism.
Mom heard about a fund raiser for a nautical club I tried looking for it about the time it opened, and later in the day but could not find it. I heard it was a yard sale. Instead, it was inside the building. By the time I got there, after mom gave me detailed instructions the good stuff was gone, from what Mom said. I searched really hard and did not get any kitchen stuff. A Florida Marlin Baseball Beanie Baby and a small lobster stuffy crawled into my arms and I had to keep them.  Mom had picked up a three piece set of the corn shaped cornbread molds. I have one somewhere but not sure where. Have yet to use one. I don’t make corn bread or much anything else like that very often.
    At other yard sales, children's stuff and collectables were the most common items I saw today. One guy was trying to unload a bunch of sports collectables he had gotten from his uncle and was willing to load the truck up with all of it if I would have said I wanted the stuff. He said he would donate most of it. It looked like there were signed baseballs, jerseys, and toys for various sports.
    I learned long ago that we as people, are not collectors. We store the stuff until the real collectors (the ones with big bucks) are ready for it.
    Another yard sale was with a guy who has had them before. I had told him about my crocheting clothing for teddy bears. He had a friend there that did a little crochet.  I brought out the teddy bear. I pointed out the technique I used on the skirt.

I had a good drive along the route. Because it was a holiday tomorrow, most people were not doing yard sales.

When I got home, I napped, and took care of some paper work, and napped some more.
    I really need to get back to wood working.

Year 17, Week 14, Day One (week 900)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
04-15-17 Saturday
    I barely noticed the weather as I was indoors all day.
    I spent time with my niece working on a little laptop I have. Mom wants to run videos and she was having problems getting them to work. When it was all done, there still was problems.
    At home,, I decided to make use of some kitchen gadgets I have accumulated. I had picked up a small roll of ham and used my meat slicer. It had been a lot of months since I touched it. The first slices were thin, but I then decided to try to cut thinner. I was told a while back that the blades that have no teeth will cut thinner than the thick ones. My blades have teeth. I still sliced the ham about deli-thin, which is thinner than I had done in years. It helps that between then and now, I had sharpened the blade.. I learned that the ultra thin meat has better flavor than the thick stuff.. You get more chew and less flavor on the thick meat. One thing I did was to make a couple cuts, then flip the ham over and make a few more, so the “skin on the trailing edge was not being pushed rather than cut.
    I also have a couple of these grilling plates that fit over two burners of your stove. You are supposed to be able to do pancakes on one side, and grill meat on the other. I could have used this a few weeks ago when we had family over. At that time, while it was hidden, if it were alive, it would have bitten my arm off. Dug out a second one from storage and then found the first one as I was placing the second one almost exactly where the first one was.
    I added ham see how it works then. I usually don’t do the type of cooking that would require that much surface to cook so it was kind of fun to play with.
    I laid ham slices and bacon strips on it with both burners at the same temp. It worked, but I found that the smaller back burner has to be hotter to match the overall area heat of the bigger front burner. I also learned that the ham that I got is best eaten raw as it does not fry well. Next time I use this grilling plate, I will make adjustments on the burner settings.
    I had more paper work to do and examine, in detail the inside of my eyelids so no real work got done.
    I have a turning club meeting Thursday. Saturday weather looks good. I hope to get out back and make some sawdust.
    Will see what I do next weekend.

 Front view of two teddy bear dresses I've worked on. the red skirt is supposed to have an apron as the front.

Back side of the teddy bear dresses. I had to put a link from the collar and the waist of the red skirt as it kept sliding down too much. the skirts were made by doing a larger stitch toward the hem, stitching out and back from the waist. 

This is not wood working, but it is a tiny bit of a craft. I did most of this while waiting for people.

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