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Year 17, Week 12, Day One (week 898)

Year 17, Week 12, Day One (week 898)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
04-01-17 Saturday
64 early morning, 79 late afternoon, herds of clouds wandering by at various times. Light breeze took away any heat one might feel. Pockets of cloudiness was also nice for taking away the heat. This weather report was brought to you by The City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.

    I went yard sailing this morning and hit ten yard sales, skipped two that did not have anything at all that I would ever want to look at, and could not find two from the signs I had thought there was not going to be any yard sales, as I drove quite a distance before I found the first one, and there were areas where there were nothing. They tended to be close together with a drive between them..
    It was a really good workout. While there are rest times between them,, it does wear you out to get in and out of the vehicle, walk to the places which many times one cannot park close due to all the other yard sailors that are parked close.
    I picked up a bench for the front of the house. There were two designs, same price. Each had their advantages. One was said to be made of bamboo, had natural looking wood for the supports underneath and had boards for the seat and boards held by long pieces of “branches” for the back. The other was not as long, but made of commercial wood and was well built. It had legs underneath that were solid and actually holding the seat. It was unpainted.
    I fought long and hard as to which would fit the situation best, and got the sturdy one. Afterwards, I began to think that the other one would have been better as three people could sit on it. this one seats only two. I sort of think I should have gotten both one for the back.
    At another yard sale, I picked up a frame for holding four folding tables. I have a lot of tables scattered around and decided the frame would be put to good use.
    I have no need for cookie cutters.. I have all I could ever need, if I needed any. I saw in a bag of cookie cutters a crimping wheel. I decided I wanted the crimping wheel so I bought the bag. Later in the day, I sorted all my cookie cutters according to their season. Christmas was the biggest, Easter-valentine's day was next, General types, which includes teddy bears, is next. Halloween was the smallest. Actually my metal, which I did not sort, was actually the biggest individual selection..
    At one yard sale, I talked to a guy who had a restaurant. He has had several yard sales, but this was the first one where he was the only one out there. He is clearing out two warehouses. He was telling me he has a couple dozen of those individual-egg cast iron fry pans. I have three and decided I will give them a try this week.  He said he has a 16 inch fry pan that he had gotten for himself. He said it is hard to lift. He has other cast iron pans too. They were not at the yard sale this time.
    In my yard sale visits, I picked up some books, some bowls, some nick knacks, a teddy bear and a double edged bread knife. While I did not need more knives, this one looked like the right kind of bread knife. It has two cutting edges, for depending on what consistency of bread or cake you might be cutting.
    It is rare to have the energy available when there are such a number of yard sales. It is also rare to have the money to feel like you can do more than just a few. Having them come together when there are so many yard sales is great.
    I have a number of projects to work on. It will be interesting to see what I work on tomorrow

(I had a rough night so took the day off and rested.)

The bench, table rack and odds and ends I picked up in today's yard sale.

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