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Year 16, Week 31, Day One (week 863)

Year 16, Week 31, Day One (week 863)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
08-13-16 Saturday

86 degrees early morning 95 degrees late afternoon. Herds of sheep clouds would cross the sky and disappear, only to be followed by another herd. A good breeze kept things cool enough. No strong weather until very late in the day. We had feeder bands from the storm that wandered east along the gulf coast all week, so the weather expectations were horrible for today. I was actually surprised there were any yard sales out, but the weather turned out to be nice all day. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism. 

I fought something all week. Coughing, but not runny eyes or nose. Very, very tired during the day. We were going for breakfast and Mom found her tire low. We decided to use my truck. When we got back, the tire was even lower. I got out my air pump that plugs in the power outlet in the cab (Cigarette lighter for the old folks) and tried to pump the tire up. Well, when I put the nozzle on the stem, air escaped. I thought it might be the core, but then found that it hissed when I moved it. More exploration showed it was a cut in the stem. Mom called someone and got the tire changed and then took the car to the place she had some wheel work earlier in the week to get it fixed. While she was doing that, I went and laid down, because I was having troubles keeping my eyes open. I slept for over an hour solid. 

At Ten, I got up and decided to hit the yard sales. I found one yard sale just a few blocks away. She had a lot of cross-stitch books. She also had children's crafts and toys. 
I later realized that those cross stitch books could be used for patterns for scroll sawing, coloring books and many other things. Anyway, I left there without getting anything.

Several blocks away, I ran across another yard sale that mainly had kids toys. That was also not something I needed.

I then traveled the Northern arc of my long loop and found nothing. I had gotten to Mom's area, where I had stopped last week (which is about a third of the total trip),  and decided to go just a little farther figuring I would go to where I  had seen a sign near the place we had breakfast, but had skipped it then.
Just South of the area, I found an estate sale. I realize now that I never entered the kitchen. The house was a rather nice design. Three story high living room ceiling, two story ceilings everywhere else. There were second story bedrooms which I never went up to. I saw a Samaria sword that was just for looks and was over priced. I saw some stuffed animals and toys. I somehow resisted the stuffies. It helped that my teddy bears on my desk at home won’t let me bring any home.
This house is going to be torn down to the ground and rebuilt in a different design. The house we saw last month, that they were going to take down, was not a design I liked. This one is more a standard design and was nice. 

I followed the big loop all the way to the south end, and back up to the area we had breakfast before I found another yard sale which was the sign we saw earlier in the morning. She was basically sold out. There were a few interesting things, but I had no use for them at this moment. She was a cleaning lady and people give her stuff. She had her yard sale to unload the stuff she no longer had use for.

I was disappointed that I had not gotten anything. Part of the fun of yard sailing is bringing home some treasure - the capture during the big hunt. I was surprised there were even that many yard sales considering what weather was looking at us until morning. 

Once I got home, I decided to stay inside and rest for the remainder of the day. I had been fighting tiredness all week and decided a rest day would be a good idea. 
At about three, I considered strongly to go out and work on some project, but decided that I would never have enough recovery time before it was time to leave. Early in the day, I had zonked out so hard, and I did not want to test my endurance. I ended the day without accomplishing anything other than running around.

I will see what I accomplish tomorrow.

Year 16, Week 31, Day One (week 863)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
08-14-16 Sunday

88 degree mid morning, 93 afternoon. Some wetness early morning as I was getting ready to leave but was completely gone when I got outside and on the road. Lots of puffs and a breeze all day. Some towers here and there, some signs of wetness far west. This weather report is brought to you by the City of Pompano Beach and the City of Sunrise Department of Tourism. 

My brother was not expected to come up, but he showed up because he was between jobs he was traveling to.  He stayed for lunch. We saw some of Mom's pictures as a slide show on TV. Afterwards, my brother and I went outside. He needed to tack up a couple wires that were hanging down and in the way. I helped him by finding some screws, and then handing him pieces and parts as he stood on a ladder and worked. 

I left soon after he did. I needed something, and decided that a Walmart next to The Sawgrass Mall might have it. The Sawgrass Mall is the county's super mall. I have never walked the length of it and likely would need a lift back to the car afterwards. I only stop at stores around the outside. This Walmart is just a block away. 
I found a parking space really close to the building. There are five parking spots where the water does not drain. I am wearing work-boots so parking there was perfect.. Any other available parking spot was a very long ways away. 
This Walmart is as big as any of the biggest stores in the county, which there are half a dozen big ones, but I figured this store would be kept well stocked as there was tight competition nearby and heavy traffic. It had been there for a lot of years, but it looked new inside. 
I found what I was after immediately, but then decided to check around a bit for a few other things. One thing I was after was that spray you put on fabric to make it water resistant. I figured it would be in camping, which was the far end of the store. Well, they did not have any. I did find the liquid gas for camp stoves. I had wondered if I was ever going to see any of that. I had not seen it in any stores I had been in before. I have several camp stoves and a couple lanterns that use the liquid fuel. I wondered if they were going to be just junk. NOPE. I got two cans so I have enough for many uses. After some heavy searching, I found a couple other things. I spent more than I intended, and walked farther than planned, but I got some stuff I needed. 
When I got home, I knew I had walked my limit. I am glad I did not have to park way out away from the building. I need to do that more often as it is good exercise. The bug I was fighting all week appeared to be almost gone. There was no tiredness at all today. I am happy about that.

On Thursday, I have a turning club meeting. I don't have any projects to show as I had worked on roughing platters, not finishing them. 
I have no idea what the weather will be like next weekend. Hopefully I will have a chance to work on one of many projects I have in mind. 

I will see what I do next weekend.


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