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Year 16, Week 29, Day One (week 861)

Year 16, Week 29, Day One (week 861)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
07-30-16 Saturday

High 80s early morning, mid 90s late afternoon. No wind with high humidity in the morning and the wind only started picking up in the afternoon. I sat with a fan on me, and the fan hit me with gusts of hot air. That is not usual. Towers appeared over the Everglades but did not do anything, other than head west. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Department Of Tourism.

I followed the big loop while yard sailing and stopped at 7 yard sales, saw signs for four others that I could not find, and saw a one-table yard sale that while driving by, I saw that they had absolutely nothing I could use. In some ways, that is not fair for them, as I remembered how I felt when that happened when Mom was doing a yard sale, but I was almost done and was worn out. My preference is to get out and have a look just in case I missed something.
One of Mom's friends had a yard sale and I got a router attachment for a dremmel and an older design dremmel. I paid more than I really should have but decided to get it anyway. The dremmel is not one of the top-of-the-line units, but has several speeds and is quite usable. I have not done much dremmel work as of late as I am doing other kinds of projects. Those kind of projects are in the offing sometime in the future. 
Several weeks ago, there was  a pasta book I almost grabbed.  I had set it to the side while digging through some humor books and completely forgot about it. I had wished I had gotten in as it looked interesting. At one yard sale today, I picked up a similar pasta book. It might even been the same one I almost got. It is similar enough.  This book tells about how to make most pastas, and explains the basis of the sauces, and has a section with just recipes. Not too much information but looks like the right information.
I picked up a "joke" book and a painter's easel. Mom got the easel the moment I got home. There are two kinds of easels on the market. one is for painting where it holds the canvas tight while you work your brushes over it, and the other kind of easel is for display where it just holds the work to be viewed. This was a painting easel that will fold up nicely. I really good quality one.
Several of the people holding yard sales were suffering. No wind, and high humidity is really tough on people who are almost never outside. The vast majority of the people wake up in an air conditioned house, cross the heat to their car and drive to work in an air conditioned car, cross the heat and get into an air conditioned office, then go back home the same way. They almost never really get out into the heat except on weekends. The weather we were having was not even great for me and I conditioned myself for the heat. The act of getting out of and back in the truck added humidity to the cab of the truck and it took a distance to clear it out. There were times, if I had the A/C on high, I would get out and have to wipe my glasses as they fogged up.

Later, I sat out back. I was not really in the mood to do much but wanted to do something.  I was unhappy with how straight the slot in the donation box was. I knew I could do better. I drew along the edges of the slot with a pen to show where the slot wandered, and then used my knife to cut to the line. 
To do this project right, I needed to cut along a metal straight-edge that is clamped to the box. I chose not to do that. When I was done, the slot was a whole lot better than it was. Of course, the box would have been good enough before I fixed the slot but there is a little pride in having it closer to right. The average person will not notice the wandering the way it is. If they do, it will not bother them.

Tomorrow is a memorial for my nephew-in-law. He had passed several weeks ago, drowning in a canal. They are having a memorial service and later a family gathering. I will not be allowed to get dirty tomorrow so nothing will happen.

I will see what I do next week. 

The donation box with the cleaned up slot

The dremmel unit

This is the parts for the router attachment for the dremmel

this is the router attachment set up. The rings in the plastic are in case the unit you have is too small. No, there were no router bits with it but I have bits that will do the job when needed. 

The pasta book I got is very good. I got some ideas out of it. 
The book on insults is interesting. It has to explain the situation, then give the insult, then give who said it.. 

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