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Year 15, Week 39, Day One (week 736)

Year 15, Week 39, Day One (week 736)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
11-01-14 Saturday
    68 degrees early morning, 76 late afternoon high. blue skies early morning, patchy clouds zipped over head, sometimes blocking the sun, accompanied with strong gusts that got strong enough to move light stuff around in the afternoon. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    We were having a yard sale again. I got bins out front and then headed for breakfast. I stopped at a yard sale offered by the local MOOSE club. Ten, fifteen years ago, I would have grabbed up several things but I now have no use for those things.
This was a slow day. Mom made twice what I made, and I only sold buildings for model railroads. This was the fifth person interested in train stuff so far. One person was after a whole train set which I did not have. I did have some track but that was it.

I carved on two ornaments, both of the concept I had last weekend. I had discussed the concept with several people and they liked it. It is Santa’s legs sticking out of a chimney. My thought was that he is going in, but several people said that he was stuck. They will look really good with paint. That will make him really stand out.

During the week, I started a dish cloth using the post stitch. I alternated them, but kept them going all the way up. Mom likes it. The lines of posts gives the cloth a good scouring surface. She said it was the right size too.  I made this with the tooth brush crochet hooks I made. I started it with the one that bent right, and then when I could not locate that, I shifted to the one that bent left. They work fairly well. The secret is holding it just right to take advantage of the design.
Now I get to start a new dish cloth.

post stitch dishcloth. The pattern was pure accidental. I never even noticed it until I saw the picture.

My plan for tomorrow is to work on ornaments. It dawned on me that I have to get them all done before the end of this new month. The pressure is now on. Luckily for this year, Most years I am coming up with my first designs about now, not having four designs already being tested.
Year 15, Week 39, Day Two (week 736)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
11-0-14 Sunday
    52 degrees early morning. Since this is below the subtropical frost temperature of 56 degrees, the world was covered with frost. It was pretty.  It was 62 degrees at around ten, 69 degrees by about three. Blue skies and loads of sun. We are now on Standard Time again so while it does not change much today, it will make a big difference next weekend.
This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
It was cold out this morning. It was cool inside. It made for a slow start this morning.   
    I got to Mom’s house and set up the work table. A bit later, I dragged it out into the sun so I could be warm. The wind took away a lot of the heat one might have.
    I set up the Dremmel and got to work on the mittens and socks ornaments. These are to have little presents sticking out of them, so I used the Dremmel to create a pocket inside each one where the foot or hand would go. On the sox, I did a little carving to make the heal and toe stand out just a little. These don’t have a lot of carving to them so since I will be painting these a different color, I decided to make them stand out slightly just so they are more carved.

I cut four blanks for the chimney ornament. They have knots in them so carving them will be a bit of a challenge. What I did was to make them essentially twice as tall as they were wide, and then used the bandsaw to cut a groove around the piece at mid point. This is the top of the chimney. This helps get them square and located properly.
I used the disk sander to sand all surfaces flat and square.  For the ends, I would put it against the sanding disk, then rotate it and do it again. When the angle is up and down, the farthest point gets sanded back. Side to side speeds the process once I get the proper angle established. I end up with ends that are square to the side. On the sides, I will sand one side, then put that down and sand the next one. This makes them fairly square to each other.
I looked at what it would take to remove excess wood with the band saw and decided that working with the knife from scratch would be best, especially since I do not know what faces of the wood I would be working with because of the knots.
I made four blanks, and started carving on one of them. I have a long ways to go with that one.


 chimney ornaments focusing was a little off for the distance.

 chimney ornaments. focus still a little off for the distance.

I have eleven socks ornaments, twelve mitten ornaments, four “stool sample” ornaments (A joke for my doctor), five mice and two chimney ornaments. Most just need paint now, along with a bunch of presents that will go into them. Paint will really finish most of them up.

I have four more weekends to get all my ornaments done. That is going to take some work. Luckily, I am not starting from scratch, but have a good start on everything.

For next weekend, if the weather is good, we will do another yard sale. I will work on my ornaments and also on dish cloths. I doubt I will be painting on Saturday. That is a messy project. It is something best to do on a Sunday when things are calm and getting really messy is not a problem.

I will see what I actually do next weekend.

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