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Thrifting with Nancy in 2014

Yeah, I figured it's about time to get this one up as well. I am just recovering from the birth of my granddaughter, Thanksgiving cooking, and viral bronchitis—all in the same week. Lots of writing going on here, since I don't have to cook anything and can't babysit (don't want to spread cooties), so I've been able to get a bit more blogging done. After a long hiatus, my third post in a week. Whoo hoo!

So here we go...

First off, it's been a tough year for me to get out, since I have been part time to full time babysitter for my youngest grandson, who just turned 1 on September first. I've had him off and on since April, when he was just able to sit up with support and could lift his head when on his belly; and now he's standing, cruising the furniture, and taking cautious little steps. He's a busy boy, and by the time he leaves, I'm pooped. I've also babysat at his home too. 

And now Zack has a baby sister, Terralyn Rose. I'm going to be really busy!

So anyway, thrifting was a rare pleasure on days when I had coverage by other folks and appointments or errands to run. I did get out a few times though.

Back in June I had an appointment, and needed to run errands. Since we were going by the thrift store anyway, we popped in for a bit. I found a couple of neat items.

 This little battery operated gadget plays three classical music excerpts: Für Elise, Piano Sonata #11 by Mozart, and I'm not sure about the third one, but it's familiar. Zack loves it because of the spinner thing with the beads, and it's light and easy to pick up in one hand (and toss out of the playpen). Best 99¢ I spent all year.

 I thought about keeping this one, but passed it along to a friend who is into both yarn crafts and spirituality. I'd likely never get to read it anyway, but it looked interesting. I too practice crafts as sort of a meditation ritual. When my hands are being creative, my mind relaxes. I'm more the crochet type though.

Saw this little monkey lunchbox and knew it was going home with me. I passed it along to DDIL. So perfect for carrying a spare bottle and babyfood.
 The interior was very clean, I doubt it was used much

I have an old cloth case like this with the spring opening, and I have used it for years for hauling around crochet hooks and projects.

Passed this one along too, though I was tempted to keep it.

I have a lot of yarn, so this went to the same friend as the above case and the knitting book. It was just such a cheerful red, and the only yarn in the shop that day. I couldn't just leave it behind...

I will usually grab food storage containers whenever I see them, because I send lots of people home with food. We love to cook here, and people enjoy eating. These got a lot of use this year.

I didn't get out thifting again until until August. It felt like a holiday! Besides babysitting, I'd been up to my neck in gardening and putting up vegetables, and of course, writing.

Sometimes, you just need a day off.

 Baby clothes!

It's good to have spare stuff on hand because accidents and spills happen, and sometimes a fella needs different duds. 

Not everything I feed Zack gets safely from mouth to tummy. If he doesn't like it, or the bite is too big, it lands on the shirt. I keep some clothing changes here.

These look wrinkled because they haven't been washed yet. Everything used or new, gets washed before worn. If he's like me and his mom,  certain detergents and bleach will cause skin irritation.

I picked up girl's leggings by accident, but no biggie. For one thing, Zack doesn't care, and he now has a baby sister who can wear them some day. There are times he hangs out in jammies all day long. I can relate!

The girly beach towel is simply for changing blowout diapers on (protects the bed) or wiping the dog off when it's raining. Sometimes I spread one over my pillow if I go to bed with damp hair.

Wish I had been able to find more of those blocks. Zack and his brother both enjoy playing with them. I keep them in a big plastic jar, and he loves to take them out and put them back inside. The spotted one is a bug, and it rattles.

Kitchen stuff, it's always welcome. The canning funnels are nice for pouring dry stuff like rice, pasta, or cereals into jars without making a mess. We have mice, so I don't leave much food in cardboard hanging around for long.

Containers just get used a lot around here. Some of my old ones are shot, or the lids are broken and the bases got relegated to the garden shed.

Who could resist such a pretty cookie mold! Looks nice hanging on the wall. Maybe someday I'll make something with it

One more thrifting outing in September, and that's been 'it' for the year 2014 (so far—there's still a month left). I enjoy this so much, maybe it's best I don't get to go too often!

 The barn-shaped curio shelf was my find of the day. It's over two feet tall and almost 3 feet wide at the base. Since I live on an old farm, I just could not pass up this $1.99 special. I am collecting well-made plastic farm animals to fill it, and maybe a die cast tractor or two. I can see this up on the wall, and the 'toys' inside can come down for the grandkids to play with. Maybe Grandma will play with them too, because plastic farm animals were something I begged Santa to bring me every year. 

Some picture frames that now hold family photos. The little house is up on a shelf with two bottle brush pines I got on sale after the holidays a year or so ago, and a ceramic shed that I thrifted last year. I'm into decorating on the cheap ya know...

These two heart shaped spongeware baking dishes now live in my cabinets and the corked jar is around here somewhere.

A freezer container, oh how exciting...

It's been in use ever since I brought it home. I used to have a bunch of these,  back in the day.  They were never cheap!

More rug yarn! I've been collecting it now for a couple of years. The idea is to crochet a big carpet for the living room, if we ever get this renovation done, and I can actually use it full time as a living room.

It's an ambitious project, but we have that big old fireplace in there, and I picture the grandkids sitting on my handmade rug, playing with their toys, or watching a video and eating popcorn. Yeah, we're laid back here.

We also stopped at a local craft store that day in September too, and I was very judicious about what I bought. The place had been for about a year and a half, and I just never got the chance to check it out. Part of the reason is because I need a 12 step program to handle my craft supply addiction. They sell yarn too. I start feeling giddy as soon as I get through the door.

I had a budget that day, and I pretty much stuck to it. OK, I went $9 and change over, but that's not too bad for me. I smiled the rest of the day, so it was worth it. I have a thousand beads and trinkets, but one can always use more. Life is too short not to surround yourself with sparkly things.

I love to work with beads and charms. I like to make all kinds of interesting amulets, talismans, and doodads that have meaning to me or the recipient. I was feeling rather esoteric that day I guess.

The little buttons are for doll eyes.

I also thought about those expensive big bead bracelets they sell at the jewelry counters. So I got a few trinkets with that in mind.

Those skull beads are just so unusual! 

The basket was half price at $3.50. I love baskets, my house is full of them.

I bought two skeins of yarn that day, which I never took a picture of, because I got right down to work making this baby afghan. I worked while my little grandson was playing with his toys and occupied, stopping to change diapers or pick up things he tossed from the playpen. While he napped, I wrote. I gave it to his mom in the hospital after his baby sister was born. 

No woman has a right to look that good after the birth of her third child! Love you DDIL!

Now there's a story behind this on my writing blog, which you can read at your leisure (scroll down)  so I'm not going to repeat all that here. It suffices to say that this collectible piece comes close to matching something on one of my book covers, and because I chatted about it at the checkout counter, I may have created a new fan. I used my discount coupon on this one.

I've mentioned in a previous post this week, about my mother's diagnosis of Vascular Dementia. Yes, we worry about that, and it's evident when she can't recall from one conversation to the next whether her new great grandchild is male or female, or that I am the actual grandmother and not the aunt. But she doesn't love the new baby any less because of her confusion, nor do we hold it against her. We are fortunate and thankful that we are all still together this year. I had the entire family out here for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, 4 generations under one roof. These are times we will not forget as the years roll on.

They had to come, I baked 11 pies! Two pumpkin, two apple, two blueberry, two peach spice, one coconut custard, one sugar free chocolate silk, and one last minute strawberry rhubarb. Took me all day Wednesday, but I did it. Because I can. Because it's good to send people home with food, and to show them that good things can be created, not just bought. You can purchase pies and baby blankets, but not the time and the love that goes into making them.

So as the sun sets on November, and the last month of the year begins tomorrow, I leave you with these thoughts...

These days, while not everything in my world is pleasant, I am happy with my life. I love what I do, where I live, and the family around me. Yet this is nothing like I visualized life would be. I've made my peace with that, and I am content to just let it all be what it has to be.

Thrifting is an inexpensive way to pass the time. If I spend over $20, I've had an expensive trip. Most times it's barely over $10. Yet I come home with a few trinkets, a peaceful mind, and a smile that lasts the rest of the day. People go to therapy to feel that good. Oh sure, that stuff is cluttering up my house, but there are worse things you can do with your spare time. Someone else's castoffs have become my treasures. The money I spent went into programs that benefit disadvantaged people. That makes me feel good too.

Whatever you do in this world, go out now and then and just have some fun. Life is not about all work, or all play, but a healthy balance. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

Happy Hunting,


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