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Year 15, Week 27, Day One (week 724)

Year 15, Week 27, Day One (week 724)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
07-26-14 Saturday

Blue sky in the morning with puffs all around the horizon. 94 degrees at ten, clouds built up quickly after noon and temps dropped down to 86. A bit of moisture was observed dripping off the eaves of the roof so there may have been some liquid sunshine. The rest of the day remained cloudy and mid 80s. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

Mom and my new dad were wore out from the previous day. He remained in bed when Mom and I went out to breakfast. We stopped at one yard sale and other than some nice ceramic dishes, it had nothing I desired, and I got nothing. Mom got glass dish she says might be an antique from the depression era. Even if it is not, it looks pretty anyway.
We got back and we all napped. I had a long day before.

The only times I went outside was to feed and pet the cat. I was a bit out of energy. Mom, my new dad, and I talked quite a bit as our schedules kept us from seeing each other the past couple weeks. We watched some slides and also watched TV. 
Not much to say on the woodworking front, or any other front to say the least.

I hope to do something woodworking tomorrow.

Year 15, Week 27, Day Two (week 724)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
07-27-14 Sunday

Sunny, small white puffy clouds over the Everglades slowly worked their way east to fade out. The very light breeze gusted to almost tolerable in the 94 degree weather.  I turned on the stand fan under the awning. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

I hit two yard sales. One had some rather interesting things I gave a thought to. A Oriental Katana sword. A metal wagon with sides and inflatable tires. A bunch of tools, and we found something we could not identify. It is exceedingly rare that I see anything I cannot figure out what it was. It was some sort of tool, though. I did not think to take any pictures of it. I did buy a very large Crescent wrench. This was like four or five inches bite. My brother ended up buying it from me. 
At another yard sale, I got some electric elements for my stove. I really did not need them but I decided to get them anyway. 

At Mom’s, I set up in back. My first project was to find one of a pair of small vices I intended to mount on a rolling cart I have. Instead I just have them on a shelf below where they were to be found. I don’t have the strength I once had. I had a devil of a time getting a good hold of it once I pulled it out part way. After I had a good hold on it, it was easy to carry. I also dug out some rasps I had on that shelf. They were actually easier to find and get. 

My wood working project for the day was to take some Mahogany drum sticks I made and turn them into magic wands. I figured out that Mahogany is too brittle for drum sticks. You need something like Ash or some fruit wood to have good drum sticks. 
What I did was to mount the drum stick in the vice just sitting on my folding work table and use the rasp to build into the stick a wobbling curve. I figured I would rasp the flats to get the basic shape and then shape them and sand them to look good. 
On the first stick I did, I got the basic spiral of the flats right. I then was going to do the second plane to make it wobble better. I made several mistakes, choosing the wrong side to work with and after several more mistakes, I set it to the side. 
I tried again with the second one and the first spiral worked well. Then I was doing the underside of the planes I rasped flat and realized that was not what I wanted either. 
ON the third one, I just did the spiral flats down the length. I stopped after I got the shape, but I will work that one down till the flats are half way through the wood, and then blend them on the edges. 
I will fix the others. My plan is that after I have the planes and transitions worked into the pieces, I will mount them in the lathe with strip sand paper and sand them until they look good. I will then finish them.
When done, I will have Genuine Magic Wands (Magic Not Included)

I hope to do more yard sailing and get some real wood working done next weekend. This wood working diary is not amounting to too much as of late.

Side view of Vice, humiliated drum sticks and tools. None of these are close to be done. All will be fixable. Hopefully, they will end up looking good.

Stick on left is the first one I tried and really messed up based on my plan. The middle one is the last one and will be usable if my mind has it planned out right. the right one is where Left side stick is where I did the top and bottom of both planes. Again, not my plan but should be fixable.

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