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Year 15, Week 25, Day One (week 722)

Year 15, Week 25, Day One (week 722)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
07-12-14 Saturday

89 degrees late morning, inching up to 94 at the highest. Early morning radar showed spot of precipitation off shore, coming toward land. The towers they were associated with disappeared before they hit land. Towers appeared later over the Everglades and headed west. Various levels of clouds, splashes, spots, dots puffs and columns, but the weather was mostly sunny. A good breeze carried away any heat there was which made the day nice. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.

Mom had gone to something early so I was completely on my own today. 
Went yard sailing today. I ended up going a lot farther than I planned on. I hit quite a few yard sales, but found something of use only at two. At one, I found a can of air horn. My truck horn does not work and once in a while it would be nice to catch someone’s attention. This horn uses a can of air. They are common at games and on boats. It worked nicely when I tested it. 
At another yard sale, I picked up a pair of shallow aluminum bowls. One was almost like a plate. I later donated them to a church that could use them. I also got some black napkins the same yard sale was selling. I had a use in mind for them but it will be different from what I planned.  I spent a total of six dollars for all my finds. 

I then went out to the FESTIVAL FLEA MARKET. This is a nice sized mall. Along the back wall of the mall are built-in stores, like an antique store, furniture, a farmer’s market, clothing, and so on. The main part of the mall is wide open. They have booths set up on a street style grid. The basic booth is about ten by twenty. Many of the shops are made up of several booths and a couple are made up of a whole “block.” From what I understand, it is kind of expensive to be in there, but a lot cheaper than getting a real store or getting into a real mall. One can test out one’s product or build a reputation or name brand. 
This mall is dangerous. With clothing, handbags, knick nacks, AS SEEN ON TV, jewelry, accessories, along with all sorts of household decoration items, one can go through a lot of money quick. 
My weakness was the store I was going to. It is called the DOLLAR AND UP store. It has two locations, near the food court which is in one of the built-in stores, and then a site that takes up a whole block near the end of the mall. I always enter on the east side of the mall which makes the west side of the mall the far end in my mind. 
I was after one thing specifically.  I went directly to the store and was not satisfied with the options, so I headed to the far end of the mall where the farmer’s market also is. I almost got a bag of golf-ball sized potatoes which I like. I can say I had two or three potatoes for the amount one potato might give you. I then realized I have two bags of potatoes at home so I tossed that idea. 
The store at the far end had even less choice of what I was after so I went back to the main store by a slightly different route so I could see what other shops were in place. They change periodically in location. Some are there a short time, some are there seemingly forever. 
At the dollar and up store, I got caught by the wonderful stuff they have. They have things you cannot find in other stores, or cheaper than you can find elsewhere. Monday I had left my hat at the hospital when visiting a friend. I decided to get a new one. I found out they were out of the colors I liked. I ended up getting two of them, one in a color I am not too happy about. I also get their 2.5x reading glasses. I pop one lens out so I can see close and far. My mind corrects when the view changes distance. I had broken two of them in the past months and decided to get a couple more. 
I found something I’ve watched for in yard sales and never seen. They are not too well available in regular stores I go to, though they do have them in wood. A stone mortar and pestle. There was something I was really going to use it for but I am now questioning if I can remember what it was. I picked it up for the same cost as the wooden ones I had seen. I would make my own wooden mortar and pestle but I don’t have the kind of wood I would like to use. I also got some items “on a lark” as I could see a use for them immediately.  I was very lucky this time, I got out ONLY for $27. That shop has stuff that really makes one drool. I saw a couple things I really wanted, but realized I had no use for them and no place to put them. 
I had stopped once to sit and rest during the mall walk. I am not in shape to walk all the “roads” of the mall to see what is all there. When I got to my truck, I was done, physically and mentally. 
Because of the prices I paid for things, I look at that store trip also as yard sailing. 

Other than petting and feeding the kitty cats, taking pictures of my finds, and gathering some stuff I need for tomorrow, I laid low most of the day, reading and watching TV, napping. 

Tomorrow I am planning to go to my brother’s house for projects. 
I will see what I actually do tomorrow.

Year 15, Week 25, Day Two (week 722)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
07-13-14 Sunday

Sunny. I am indoors all day so I don’t really care what the weather is like outside.
This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Sunrise Department Of Tourism. 

I got a late start. I called my brother and he was on a project so I was not going to be going to his house as he was not there. 

I looked at a plumbing project to do and found that I don’t have the right materials for it so that was out of the question. 

I am following the plans I had for the fourth of July. My plans were changed then. Today I am just lounging around, doing little. I did sweep the room with a glance so I got that much done.

Next weekend is up in the air as to the schedule. I will have to see if woodworking is part of it.

I will see what I do next weekend.

Aluminum bowls and horn

 my whole gathering at the Festival Flea Market
 Closeup of mortar and pestle

The two hats I got. I am not happy about the brown one but it was better than other choices. 

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