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Year 14, Week 45, Day One (week 691)

Penguin ornaments

 New camera
 back side of laptop
 front side of laptop
leaping fish ornaments.

Year 14, Week 45, Day One (week 691)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
11-28-13 Thanksgiving Thursday.
Blue skies with light breeze. 48 degrees at eight. Here is South Florida, the frost temperature is 56 degrees. There was ice on the inside of my windows and the world was a winter wonderland, covered in the frost. there were reports of accidents caused by cars slipping and sliding on the ice on the roadways. It was gone before I got out of the house.
74 in the afternoon, a few puffs rushed over the blue sky but they were gone quickly. It was a perfect afternoon to be outside. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

I arrived at my brother's house at eleven and was outside the entire time. Like usual, inside the house was dark and extremely busy. It was best that I stay out from under foot. It was bad enough the times when I went in for coffee.

I worked on a crochet scarf, watched my brother weld a project, and talked a lot to family. A while back, I gave my nephew who had computer training a laptop to see if he could make it work. he solved the problem of the low space on the computer by adding a extremely low profile thumb drive. The operating system is on that thumb drive which gives me enough space to operate comfortably. It is a very low power computer, quite slow, but it will be good for writing. I am a little giddy about getting it.

The dinner was fantastic. I learned ages ago that you should go for seconds first. Usually, you get a little bit of everything, then your seconds is the stuff you liked best. I figured out that if you go for seconds first, skipping all the other stuff, you will eat less. Now if I can learn to go for thirds first, it would be great.

I will be going to Mom's house tomorrow and will see what I will do then.

Year 14, Week 45, Day two (week 691)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
11-29-13 Friday
    79 degrees, Lots of clouds, a bit of weather later in the day. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

Too much coffee yesterday caused me to wake many times at night. Many months ago, I picked up a blanket for a couple dollars. I thought it was flannel. I took it out last night and it turned out to be an electric blanket. It did not seem to heat, but being between two quilts, it made them toasty warm. You can believe my shock when I found it was an electric blanket. I had considered getting one for several months but had not seen them when just walking the stores.

We went to BRANDSMART. Mom wanted to get a gift for someone who helped her with the wedding. This gave me a chance to drool, I mean look around at the wonderful kitchen toys.
I know what I want for Christmas. It is one of those sandwich makers, but it has a set of plates, waffles, griddle, sandwich maker. I would love to get that for work. It would be kind of nice to drive people crazy by making waffles some time for breakfast.
While looking around, I saw they had their cameras at nearly half price. I thought about getting their $49 digital camera, and then found out they use micro SD chips. Those chips are smaller than your fingernail. None of the computers and none of the attachments I have can read those. I ended up going with a $75 camera, and would use an SD chip I already had.

I ended up not doing anything else for the day. Tomorrow, I must finish some ornaments.

Year 14, Week 45, Day Three (week 691)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
12-30-13 Saturday

74 degrees early morning 78 around Noon. Mostly cloudy with light winds early morning. Weather developed towards noon, with strong thoughts for some precipitation. The weather got wet off and on shortly after noon. Mom's plants loved it. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

Last night, my electric blanket made things so warm I had to turn it off. The quilts held the heat for a long time which was nice. Next time I use it I will try it on low and see what that does.

We only saw one yard sale and it was all Christmas stuff. She said she simply accumulated stuff over the years and one day realized she had way too much so was trying to move them. I saw a metal ornament that would make a good scroll saw project. It had the "pointed bulb" outside ornament shape, then a little reindeer dangling inside the space. It was cute. I don't have time to do scroll sawing this year.

I sprayed my penguin ornaments with varnish, finishing them up. I then painted my leaping fish. I used three colors, white over the entire thing, then Aqua band down the side and darker blue on top the fish. Other than the first one I made, I dislike these. I won't make more of them. After the paint dried, I added an eye, signed them and varnished them.

I started carving another penguin. I had a very good start and was working on detailing the hat. I accidentally popped the end of the floppy hat off. Because the air was wet, the glue did not dry fast enough so I ended up setting it to the side and packed up for the rest of the day.

I finished one side of a scarf I am working on. I had used a strong Ombre yarn that went from dark blue, light blue, white and back. It only lasted three rows of this five foot scarf. I then went to a yarn that was basically light blue-aqua to white. I decided that this side was wide enough. When I pick it up again, I will use the rest of the yarn on the other side.

I played around with the laptop computer. I had used a thumb drive to back up my important files on my main computer and am working on that with this one to give me even more "disk" space. the only moving parts in this is a fan I found it has.
I started a new story. Very little of what I wrote today will be used in the final story, but it is helping me work out what the story will be doing.
My main problem is getting used to where some keys are and getting used to the small keyboard. Backspace, right shift, and delete are the hard keys to hit. I will get used to it and this writing helped, but I have a ways to go to be able to use it without having all sorts of problems undoing mistakes. A couple times, I ignored some misspelling typos just to keep going.

I played around with my new digital camera. I figured out that I was using it at too high a setting for simple snapshots. I tried E-mailing a couple pictures and it looked like it was going to take hours. That was when I knew they were two big. There are other things I will have to get used to on it.

I hope to work on ornaments tomorrow.

Year 14, Week 45, Day four (week 691)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
12-01-13 Sunday
76 degrees, wet morning as a line of cells rushed through. Mostly cloudy in the afternoon. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

I went outside and fed and petted Momma kitty. She was hungry for attention so I had her on my lap and gave her attention until she was ready to get down on her own. Satisfied, she went out into the back yard.
Later, I came out to the compost bin. I heard a rusting and there she was, looking to see what I was doing. I turned to leave the corner and heard a rustling. Moments later she was at the end of the walk waiting for me. When I got to the end of the walk, she bounded over to under the awning, waiting for me. Mom has told stories about that happening with her. I think Momma cat likes me now.

I went inside and settled down. I worked the scarf until the yarn ran out about a foot from the end. I considered many options, including removing a row on the other side to add here. I tend to like symmetry in my pieces. I decided to add a bit of yarn that was "reminiscent" of one of the colors of the yarn to finish it off and am leaving it at that. I am not even going to add tassels. It is done, a lot narrower than I planned but not bad. I picked some yarn for my next scarf to carry around. It is similar to the first yarn I used in that scarf, but a bit darker. There is more of it so I should get several rows before I have to use a different color. It would be nice to get a couple more scarves down before Christmas.

Next week, I want to make a few more Penguin ornaments. I can always use more. Tomorrow, I will bring my ornaments to work to put on display. Unless I can make more ornaments this month, only a few people will be gifted an ornament.

Because I got the digital camera this weekend, I put away all the film camera equipment. One of the reasons I was considering using the film cameras was for the quality of images one can get off film. The reason I got the digital camera is that the film is costly to process. With the digital, as long as I have a computer to transfer images to, and disks or thumb drives to store the images on, digital is almost free.

I will see what actually happens next weekend.

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