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Year 14, Week 42, Day One (week 688)

Year 14, Week 42, Day One (week 688)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
11-09-13 Saturday
83 degrees, fully cloudy, lots of clouds giving birth as they rush by. Mom's house was in a pocket where we would only get a mist with light liquid sunshine coming down. Farther north, a train of clouds dumped their load almost continuously from the ocean and onto land. The ground was wet everywhere. For about ten minutes, I saw some sun but it got frightened away and hid from us. The wind gust so hard that mist and drips from the edge of the awning would spray us while we sat and petted the kitties under the awning. while I could not work wood, Mom was happy as she did not have to water her plants which are all in pots. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
Yard sailing was a bust because of the weather. It was just too wet for anything.

Mom had some running around for me. There is an indoor flea market I have seen for decades and have intended to go in to see what was in there, but never made it. The building was once a good sized grocery store. Now it is full of booths. I was really impressed. A third of the place was devoted to clothing. there were seamstresses there and they adjust outfits for major stores. We picked out a suit for me and the man measured me, and then told us to be back in a half hour. When we got back, they had the suit fitted for my body shape.
There were several barbershops, several nail salons, jewelry stores, a food site and a DOLLAR AND UP store. The outfits they had on display were a higher quality of design than the Festival Flea market where we normally go. The dummies the clothing was on looked really cute. I can imagine what those outfits would look like on real women.
We then went to Brandsmart. I drooled at the camera department, then spent most of my time in the household goodies section. I now have a couple items for my wish list. I was impressed with the prices and may go back there  in a few weeks to get one of the items.

We went to a Chinese buffet. this was almost to the northern border of the county. While we were in there, the parking lot went grey with angled drips driving down several times. It stopped when we came out which was nice of it.

About this time, signs of a cold started showing.

I worked on a scarf many parts of the day. The scarf is autumn colors -- brown, orange, yellow, white with some tone bleed in between. I did not have enough of the yarn to come close to finishing the scarf, so I started adding in other solid colored yarns, cutting them at about a quarter or third of the length of the scarf. I intended to have a pattern of the tied in yarns, but it really did not happen. I considered ripping it out completely but mom said it was pretty good.
I started on the second side, but this time using the pattern I was after. The same color will not be on top itself and there will be a space between when it shows up again. It is looking good. I am surprised that I am already half way done.

At the evening meeting I go to, I gave one of my female friends the mandolin slicer I picked up last month. It is the one with six blades. She kept asking me, " are you sure? are you sure?" She was giddy over getting it as she wanted a slicer and could not find them. I got two hugs out of it. Even trade......

I am hoping the weather is a little better tomorrow and that I can get some woodworking done.

I will see what I do tomorrow.
Year 14, Week 42, Day One (week 688)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
11-09-13 Saturday
    85 degrees, solid high clouds with streaks of blue here and there. The breeze died down and it does not feel humid. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    Well, I have the start of a cold. Sniffling, some watery eyes, sore throat. I am taking some stuff that I learned worked fairly well toward it -- zinc lozenges, menthol cough drops, rest, pain relievers when it gets strong, drinking a lot. Most times this keeps it from becoming a full blown cold.
    I stopped at two yard sales and at one, I got some stuff I absolutely do not need. This is something I have to avoid. I think because I am not feeling spectacular, I got caught by my normal inclinations.
    I picked up a bunch of knitting needles (I already have hundreds), a stitching hoop (I saw it in use on a crafting show and got trapped by the idea), and a pair of back support raps (They are velcro and I might be able to make use of them even if it is not for the back).

    I got to Mom's fed and petted the kitties, and then made a cell phone call while sitting outside under the awning. By the time I was done, I was ready to leave. I did have a couple stops planned for on the way home.
    I decided on Friday to make some stuffed tomatoes and some lasagna. I got the stuff I needed. The store I go to has a good mixture of their vegetables, from green to almost over ripe. You just pick out what you want. I got some green plum tomatoes, which is something I could never get at the big grocery stores. I had planned on making some home-made lasagna noodles but I am not in condition to do that so I picked up some commercial noodles today on the way home.
    I cooked up some mixed grain, some eight to ten different grains, and had a little for breakfast with some almond milk. It was pretty good. The Almond milk was picked up on a lark, wanting to see what it is like. This was vanilla flavor and tastes a bit better than the regular.
    I sliced the plum tomatoes in half, as I saw that quarters were too small, and then sliced some greenish tomatoes I got previously in quarters. Scooping out the inside leaves good pockets for the filling, which includes the mixed grain, and the green tomatoes don't wilt much when baked. I will start on the lasagna when the stuffed tomatoes is done.
This is all what I call big cooking. It takes a lot of time in the kitchen rather than sticking something in the toaster oven and having it come out cooked. I likely won't do this again for many weeks.
    Things are coming up in the next couple weeks that is going to kill wood working. I will try hard, but I don't see having the leaping fish ornaments done before the end of the month. I will give it a try but don't have high hopes. There is just a few little details to be done on the penguins. An hour should handle that.

    I will see what I actually do next week.

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