Sunday, September 15, 2013

Year 14, Week 34, Day 0ne (week 680)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
09-14-13 Saturday
88 in the morning, 94 in the afternoon, blue sky with puffs low on the horizon over the Everglades. Nice breeze to keep things feeling good. A slight haze and some high streaks in the late afternoon to the south and over the ocean.
I have noticed it is getting darker. It was not long ago that I would be driving to Mom's house and it would be light and yard sale signs would already be appearing. Now it is dark and no one is up yet. I got to Mom's house and just barely saw the start of sky getting lighter.
I personally like Daylight savings time as driving in the dark in early morning is much nicer than in the dark at night when the traffic is heavy. Also, in the morning, while it is dark, you know it is going to get lighter.
This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

After breakfast we hit several yard sales. At one, I hit the mother-load. I got another crank meat grinder along with a Tupperware burger press with several containers. I really don't need another meat grinder. My old grinder is by UNIVERSAL and is NO 00. This new one is also UNIVERSAL and it is #1. The grinding bits are interchangeable. It is very slightly bigger but basically the same machine.
I seem to remember having a burger press the exact same design as what I got, so I will have to do a search of my house for it. the nice thing is that the containers is that you press the burger in them, then stack them up, nesting.

After petting and feeding the kitties, I dug a whole bunch of projects and tools out. My plan was to do some of each, giving me a rest on the other.
I looked at the parts for the pasta drying rack I intended to make and kept looking at it. I ended the day without doing anything with it.

I sat and carved two penguins. They came fairly easy. As I started my third carving, my wrist complained and let me know that I would suffer if I tried to even get far with that carving. Two would have to do.
This gives me seven penguins. I did two, two weeks ago, three last week, and two this week. Considering that all I really need is twelve of them, I could well get them all done by next week. I still have to come up with several more designs. Some designs are being suggested, but I am looking at how difficult it will be to do them. Simple is the watch word this year. I don't want to be laid up before I finish all of them.
I did figure out that my wrist hurts most when I twist it under pressure.

Between the penguins, I repaired a banana hook I broke last week. Last weekend, I drilled two holes into the faces of the mating surface going all the way into the open. I then settled the piece in position and glued it.
Because I was in a hurry and did not clamp it, it slipped and twisted a little. I could have broken it free and glued it again, but instead I continued on. I drilled through the existing holes out the other side so the holes went all the way through the wood. I then glued in some thick skewers into the holes, going all the way through. After that had dried some, I cut the excess rods off and then spent time sanding it. I used some sawdust I had saved for another project to fill in the gap, but it looked bad. Sanding eliminated all but a tiny bit of the crack that showed. This is not a professional job and many would not want this, but it is repaired and likely stronger than it was before.

Last week I picked up new knobs for my stove. During the week I started to install them. the kit comes with fittings for several different designed posts. I found the right one instantly.
I ran into a little problem. My stove requires you to push the knob in first, then turn it. the new knobs are designed strictly to be turned, and have nothing to push against.
In the end, I did swap some knobs around so the two I use most are readable.

I took out some frozen bread dough out of my freezer just before  I went to bed. I have two different recipes. I am doing a test. I am seeing which I like better, and also I am going to let some rise over night and sew how the flavor changes.

Year 14, Week 34, Day two (week 680)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
09-15-13 Sunday

84 degrees, cloudy and threatening. To the south, a line or storm came in like a train. To the north there was a wide blob. Over us, other than some light sprinkles in the afternoon, was pretty good. The breeze was strong which made sure it was not humid. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.

I dug out the parts for the pasta drying racks I want to make. I decided to start by ATTEMPTING to do it right. I measured several times and cut two stick in thirds, about twelve inches long. I then marked one inch increments down the length, starting about half inch from the end.
I went to the big drill press and put in a big drill bit and drilled right between the two sticks which I clamped together with clamps from a battery cable. There was very little movement. It did mar the surface but that is all right. These are not going to be professional anyway.
Once the holes were drilled, I sat with a tiny sanding drum on my dremmel and cleaned up the holes.
I have a drill mounted in a drill press adapter. There was an axillary chuck in it for holding really tiny drill bits for scroll sawing. I had to remove that. I chose a drill bit that was bigger than my screws, and I drilled through each of my rod holders in the center. What this does is to allow the parts to rotate while the screw holds firmly into the wood.

Mom wanted me to go with her to the FESTIVAL FLEA MARKET, which is on Sample Road next to the Turnpike. It is a mall filled with small vendors and a few larger stores. If one knows prices and quality, one can get real bargains there. they also have stuff you would be very lucky to find anywhere else.

I cleaned up my stuff, making sure everything is put away. I had planned on trying to carve another penguin but going with Mom eliminated that opportunity.

I walked the length of the place and back and walked several stores. At the far end from where we parked is a FARMER'S MARKET. I found some BUCKWHEAT there. I like to mess with different grains. I usually cook them together like rice. I have not had buckwheat so I had to get a package. I picked up a few other things I DON'T need at a few other stores. When we got back to the car, I was tired. It was good exercise which I really needed. I ached all over but was well worth the pain.

I baked a batch of the two recipes of bread dough. They are both good, but I do like the new one better. I had added a whole lot more sugar but it does not taste sweet. The old recipe was in a small baking tin while the new one was in a bigger pan. Both will end up being eaten fairly quickly.
I plan to bake the other two batches tomorrow night so I can compare the flavors .

For next week, I hope to carve a few more penguins. I also want to get at least one pasta drying rack made. They are simple in design. I am just not great at assembly.
I have some big projects still looking at me. I have a dragon I was carving before the accident. I have a vase that is supposed to be carved with five faces on it. I have loads of wood that needs to be turned into pretty objects and saw dust.

I will have to see what I actually do next week.


meat grinder

burger press

repaired banana hook


battery cable clamp, holes drilled, and resulting two pieces.

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