Sunday, April 7, 2013

Year 13, Week 11, Day One (week 687)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
04-06-13 Saturday
    61 degrees early morning, 78 degrees in the afternoon, partly cloudy with sun at times. This weather report is brought to you by the city of Dania Department of Tourism.
    I first went for breakfast that we normally go to on Saturday Mornings. Mom was at a meeting so I went alone. I searched for a yard sale in my area and did not find any.
    I have a package to mail out and after I fitted everything into the box, I found something else to add. I was yard sailing to see if I could find something special to add to the box to be worth getting a bigger box. I will send that other thing some other time.
    I went to Mom's house. Her place is a mess with piles of sand in front, half piles of sand in back. She had heavy rain the couple days before and the sand migrated.
    I could easily get to the wood working area now, but there were piles of sand in the way that took any energy in working, away from me.

My woodworking area with some sand, and Scarface the cat.

the trench is mostly filled. The plastic contained most of the sand when it was piled on the side. It got blown over the trench.

 I killed time as I was waiting for the antique shop to open up so I could drop off my work.
    I relaxed, dragged my bin of wood working out to the truck, and rested.

    My brother showed up at about ten. His project was to fill in the trenches. He figured it would take him two days. I watched him work until about eleven thirty, then headed off to check on yard sales before heading to the antique shop.
    I went into the wealthy section of the area found only one yard sale, and they had boating stuff. Nothing I had any use for. I looked for a couple others but their signs were not clear enough as to where they were and I was not familiar enough with the addresses to find them. After driving the length of the area, one side of the road has boat canals, I reached where the road did not continue on because of a major road so I headed to the antique shop.
    At the antique shop, we caught up with the past month or so that we did not see each other. He then decided to relocate me to another spot in his shop. The place I was located was near a door and sand blew in. He said it was hard to sweep around my stuff. I could see that.
    I set my stuff up, using a folding table that I may have brought there or he somehow got. We could not figure it out. I did not bring boxes to lift my stuff up, and did not bring sheets to cover the floor, table and boxes to make it look pretty.
    I did not put all my stuff out. I found two broken pieces. A goblet I think I saw broken at the art show, and a dress vase. I cannot find my white glue to repair it.
    My display is not spectacular but my stuff is on display.

The display. The camera is rather poor but does get an image.

a four foot tall doll at the antique shop. She winked at me and I had to take her picture.

  Mom is going to be at another meeting so tomorrow is up for debate. I could stay home and rest as I have not had a lot of energy all week long, or I could come up and do something in wood working and watch my brother shovel sand into the trench.
    I will see what I do tomorrow.
Year 13, Week 11, Day Two (week 687)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
04-07-13 Sunday
    61 degrees early morning, 75 in afternoon. It was supposed to get to 85, but there were thick clouds all day long and once around noon, it sprinkled a little in the area of my home. This weather report is brought to you by the City of Sunrise Department of Tourism.
    I debated long and hard whether to stay home or go to Mom's. Sleeping two hours past normal made the decision.
    I did have to dash off to the grocery store. A house without toilet paper is not a home.... I got other things too.
    I napped several times, but I finished another scarf. Most scarves I start at one end and work to the other end. I saw I did not have enough of the right color yarn. I decided to try something different. I made my chain six feet long, and stitched into it all the way back to the beginning. I then changed yarn to something that was similar but different. I changed yarn with each row. In dull lighting, it looks all the same color, but in bright light, the scarf shows off the different colors of the stripes.
    The big advantage of working the scarf sideways was that I had less trouble keeping the stitches the same. If I wanted to start a blanket, I would start it by going as wide as I wanted the blanket.
    I did double the tassels than normal, two different colors. I had run out of one of my two original colors and did a couple lines of a third colored yarn. I did the remaining original yarn as the main tassels, then added the third yarn in between to make it thick.
    I did make this scarf with one of the original hooks I made over two years ago. It worked fine even though I do not like the design of the throat beyond the hook itself. I am learning that it really does not matter that much.
    Next week, Mom's yard should be almost back to normal and if the weather is good, I should be able to work some wood. I have a dragon to grind on, black walnut rods to make for Crochet hooks, I have wood that needs turning, figures that need carving.
    I guess I will see what I actually do next week.

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