Tuesday, April 16, 2013

March Art show

     It has been over a month, but I finally received pictures of me and my display at the art show I did  on the 10th of March.

Me and my display. All work is either carved or turned, or both.

My display from the other side.
fruit on the corner are high fiber and low Calorie

    My dad and mom did the art show for several years before I became involved. In the year 2000, I had started carving in January and in May, when the art show happened, I had quite a few carvings. Dad gave me the end of the table to display my work as a guest. In the years after that, I ended up with half the table. When my dad died, I took his place and have done the art show since.

My display with some scarves I made also on display.

    I try to have new work on display each year. this past year, I accomplished nothing new. Between health problems and weather, among other activities, I displayed the same work I showed last year. Nothing wrong with that, but I do prefer to have new items for the people to see.

 I was giving out the shaving lowers on the back corner  to little girls that came by.

    Because of my accident last year, I have gone through a series of health problems. This year, I was having a period of discomfort. I usually practice my display several times before the show, seeing what will not fit on the table and what should get the most attention. This year, I was afraid of becoming exhausted to easily so there was no practice at all. I did look over my work, washed a bunch of my turnings, and otherwise consider what to show.

wooden flowers and fairies

    At the art show, I made the decision of what went on the table at the time, having nearly everything with me. I remembered how I displayed my work last year and did a rough copy of that display. It worked out fairly well.

    The big thing was that my small figurines were what were selling, not the turnings. The only turning that sold was a spin-top I had made. I had a lot more figurines I could have pulled out had I known they were what was going to sell.

    In all, the art show was a success in spite of myself....

 A parting shot of me and the display.

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