Saturday, September 22, 2012

So Nancy, Have You Written Anything Interesting Lately????

Actually, yeah I have. Glad you asked! LOL

I have a couple of recent things out that may catch your fancy. 

First of all, THE HUNTRESS OF GREENWOOD is still available. You can find it on in both paperback and Kindle versions, on Barnes & in paperback and Nook versions, and on Smashwords for just about any E-format you can imagine.

Then there was one of the last issues of Pro Se Presents digest, where longtime writing pal Kevin Rodgers and I shared space. My first cover for the mag, featuring my debut detective series: THE KEENER EYE—The Web Of Life. Kevin's story 'Tomahawk Mountain' is a horror/mystery mash-up you don't want to miss! This one has done well, and you definitely want to check it out, available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle format, On Barnes & Noble as a paperback, and on Smashwords as well. 

The latest project is also one I'm also very proud of! I was privileged to have my first story for Airship 27 accepted for their premiere anthology series SINBAD—The New Voyages. Yes, they are reviving the legendary Sinbad the Sailor with all new tales by some of the best writers in New Pulp today. Your's Truly was very fortunate to share space in this first issue with two extremely talented gentlemen, Derrick Ferguson and I.A. Watson. All the stories are done in the vein of the old Ray Harryhausen FX movies, which I have always loved. I'll tell you, this story was as much fun writing as anything I've ever done, and it spun right out of the keyboard. I'm looking forward to doing another.

Feast your eyes on this fantastic cover, which only hints at the treasures within:

There are three stories in there, each one having 3 interior illustrations for a total of 12 very detailed line drawings. Sinbad now has a multi-cultural cadre of companions who find themselves in all sorts of adventures and intrigue. You can find this one in paperback or for Kindle on and as a PDF download on the Airship 27 site:

Amazon is offering a sample of my story for your reading pleasure. You can read the press release on this one here:

I'm currently working on a monster story for the newly formed Mechanoid Press. I'm not sure how much I can divulge about the project, but keep watching this blog for updates.

I should have another Pro Se Presents story coming out soon, I'll let you know when that's available. Also the novel sequel to FORTUNE'S PAWN is due up soon, details on that as they come to me. 

I am gearing up for next year's writing as well, with most of the first anthology under the HANSEN'S WAY imprint written now. There should be two more anthos next year, and another novel, as well as several continuing short story serials for Pro Se Presents. And that's just all my Pro Se work!

Don't forget, I also edit for Pro Se, so I do things behind the scenes with smoke and mirrors even...

I'd also like to do more work for Airship 27, at least another Sinbad tale, and I might stick my toes in another story line.

Ya never know what else might come up. Most days it's just me and the evil keyboard, doing what we do best, spinning tales out of the ether. 

So yeah, there's a bit of writing going on around here. Happy stuff, all of it too. If you have any questions, comments, or problems finding my work, drop me a comment here and I will get right back to you.

Have a great day, and happy reading!


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