Monday, March 19, 2012

Did you write? 03-19-12 Spring has sprung

Did you write? 03-19-12 Spring has sprung

It is that time again. Report on what is going on in your life, whether you wrote or not, and then explaining why you did not meet your goals in the process. Of course, if you did write, tell about what is going on, brag about your accomplishments.

I generally give a nice list of what can be writing. I am lazy today so our rule of thumb is, if you have to ask if it is writing, it is.

As for me, Yes, I did write.

I am aiming right at my ending now. I have a good picture of how to get there. There is still a lot of wiggle room and I may need to add a few more scenes than planned to get to where I am going, but now I am on my way.
I had a problem of not finding a lot of writing time this week. I generally try to start writing by a certain time so I have room in my evening to take care of on line stuff before bead time. This week, each time my writing time came, I was enveloped into some other project or otherwise was nowhere near ready to start writing. Usually by the time I was done with what had to be done, I was unable to write.
I have a writer friend who puts 600 words down on a bad day and a couple thousand on a good day. I momentarily feel shame when I see her numbers, then realize I have less hours to write than she does. Work is good, money is coming in and I remember worse times. I need to "Make hay while the sun shines." My writing has to be fitted in.
I can say I did write over 600 fresh words this week in spite my lack of time. I will also say that next week, my word cont will seem pathetic, even going backwards as whole section of text is coming out tonight. I wrote several scenes I am not using, and my outline is coming out too. It will be disappointing to see what looks like a lack of progress, but I will then get more realistic word counts on my piece.

On the story idea front, I have only 36 story ideas in my compost pile. I have gotten some new ideas this week, but have also dug into the pile a little bit. I have dug far enough that I skipped past the top of the stack a couple times for something to write.

The glow of last week's art show is dying out. Some of my work will be going into a local antique shop as it fits his decor. I had to dig out all my work that could go to the shop, and check for damage, check for missing pieces, replace price stickers and change prices. I also tested an idea on how to display them differently than what they were before. It killed some writing time to do this, but I liked the result.

Using the above as a starting point, consider futuristic or fantasy artworks. While this won't be an actual story, it cold be a starting point.
In the future, think about what the art might be. You might have holographic projectors, small coffee cup things. Give them power and painting like scenes appear in the air overhead that looks quite realistic from any angle yet not like a photo, it would have painting like effects.
If that does not get your juices flowing, try three dimensional carvings in an impervious material that are actual working robots. Turn a crank key and they move on their own. these are carved by atomic beams from a solid piece of material.
How about jewelry that have computer controlled effects, they change color and apparent shape depending on the light or the situation.
For fantasy, consider paintings that talk to you, jewelry made from small creatures, carved dragon claws, clothing made from Elf's hair or Dwarf's beards. figurines might be carved by magic, or have magic in them to do certain things. Fine musical instruments that play by themselves.
As I said, this could be just one element that shows the place you are in is not here and now, adding a tiny bit of flavor to the scene. Consider an outsider who needs permission for something. The character is taken to the art show to see the person and one describes what is seen and is in awe with the quality of the work.

As to the question of the day
I can honestly say



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