Monday, June 21, 2010

Did You write? June 21, 2010

Did You write? June 21, 2010

The real question is Did You Write ANY TIME THIS PAST WEEK. We don't care how much you wrote, though we like seeing that number, but the real question is did you open a work on progress or start something new, during the past week. the hope is that you will post to this note even if you did nothing, and then use the pressure of another NO post, to get yourself to write something, anything so you can say yes.
Many among us will write every day, or every week, with no excuses. Many of us will write one every couple months and then let it go fallow. The purpose of this note is to get you to admit whether you wrote or not, and then use the pressure to be more productive.
There have been many times where I would realize I had not written, having to post this note was approaching so I opened my work in progress and get something written so I could say yes. Lately, I can generally say that I did write
What is writing is up to you. New writing, editing, even if it is someone else’s, critiques, poetry, articles, blogs, writing assignments, world and character creation, and even E-mails if they are wordy and pertain to writing and stories. I have not heard of anything that was NOT writing. We don't even worry about word count as editing can cause word counts to go backwards.
Don't forget to tell about what is going on in your life. especially if you were unable to write.

I did work on my work in progress. I added two pages as I am editing my way through it. I thought I wrote more, and am disappointed with how little time I was able to spend on it. I did, though get through some interesting scenes.

As of today, I am two story ideas behind for the month. I have dug into my compost pile and still have 60 story ideas, including what I am posting tonight, in my compost pile. it does not seem that long ago I had barely 40 story ideas in the compost pile.

On the woodworking front, I did some work, but it does not look like much was done. I hate that. Most arts and crafts run into a period like that in a project. Like the carving on the face vase I am working on, I am evening things out, working on details and can spend a lot of time, and make a lot of sawdust and not really notice any change. I will be working in that period for a while. on this project.

As to the question of the day,
I can proudly say,



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