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Year 17, Week 24, Day One (week 910)

Year 17, Week 24, Day One (week 910)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
06-24-17 Saturday

82 early morning 89 late afternoon. Mostly blue sky with a light breeze. HUMID to say the least, especially late in the day. It had something to do with the showers we kept getting all week.

I made a partial yard sale run, mainly because of the memorial service we were going to today. I skipped one section of the sales and was able to get ready to go in time for the event.
In that time, I hit 9 yard sales. There were two together in one place, and three together in another place. In the place of three, the two neighbors had the same kind of wooden cups. I considered going and getting them from both families, but decided not to. I would never use them since I don’t entertain.
At one yard sale, the woman had three chairs and put a teddy bear sitting in each one. I told her that was evil as it made the teddy bears more interesting. No, I did not get them, but for a second, it crossed my mind.... I ended up getting three pairs of scissors at that one. I have a bunch of scissors in my house and cannot find them when I need them. I figured if I have a few more, I might find what I need.....
At another, I picked up some shells and a paper towel holder. I had seen at one yard sale where they had a couple chickens made out of shells. They were well done and I think that effected my getting the shells when they became available... 

Mom’s neighbor was a professional musician. I used to hear him practice the keyboard at times I was working on my projects. He used to play at the bars and clubs, mostly jazz and the crooner style music. 
The people at the memorial were musicians and singers and many of them gave us some songs. It was nice. This was at the Light House Point Yacht Club. I used to be part of an art show that was there. A few years ago, they decided to stop doing the art show. They had done it for something like 20 years.
They had a brunch buffet and I had more than I needed. It was good. They had a professional photographer and he took group pictures along with individual pictures. I took some pictures and videos too.

We all took a nap when we got home. Of course nothing else got done.

We will have to see what happens tomorrow. 

Year 17, Week 24, Day two (week 910)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
06-25-17 Sunday

80s, light breeze, some clouds that filled in as the day went on. This weather report was brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.

I found a yard sale that I missed entirely yesterday. I almost missed it today. I wanted to read a yard sale sign on a round-a-bout. I could not read the sign, I then saw the yard sale on the corner just as I was about to drive off. I ended up getting some baskets for the BBQ. some are for kabobs, one is for corn. 

When I arrived at Mom’s house, we decided we were going out for lunch.  Mom was looking for a coupon for a place I suggested and found a coupon for a place we had never been to. We decided to give it a try. It was supposed to be surf and turf place. It did have some seafood, but most of it was lunch stuff. I am slowly learning that if it says “seafood trio”, it is the shellfish in shells. I had mine on linguini.  Not bad. I just don’t like messing with shells.

I napped when we got back, and then we went searching for a Radio Shack store for a part she needed. Two of the ones she knew about were gone. We found a computer repair place but they are closed on Sundays. We will keep that place in mind. 

I really need to get some wood working done. I have to start thinking about Christmas Ornaments and I have some projects I need to work on. I will have to see what happens next weekend. 


shells, clothes pins,  and last week's scissors. 

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