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Year 17, Week 16, Day One (week 902)

Year 17, Week 16, Day One (week 902)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
04-29-17 Saturday
    Tower puffs to the north, tower puffs to the south, wispy streaks overhead with blue sky early morning. Puffs filled in the sky later in the day and stayed that way all day. 76 degrees as the early morning low. 83 late afternoon high. Nice breeze with some gusts. I saw a plastic chopping bag “kite” at one point. Otherwise the wind was rather calm. This weather report iso brought to you by The City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.
    A church that had a yard sale last weekend, had another one today. The only thing that was of real interest this time were some books and I really don’t need to get more books. I seldom have time to really look at the ones I have already.
    Riding with mom, we stopped at two more yard sales on the way home. I picked up some buttons at one and a guitar tuner. I really don’t need more buttons but they looked nice and I liked the price and they were pretty. Picking up a baggy of buttons is not like getting a jar of buttons but not bad. They also had a guitar tuner, used to tune up a guitar. I have to get my guitar out of storage and see if the thing works, or hand it to a friend of my who plays to test it.
    I headed out on my own I found several big multi family yard sales. One we missed when with mom had lots of tools. They were moving up north to be with family. I called mom to come and she ended up with a dremmel I missed. I would have snapped it up but I did not notice it. I picked up a handle for holding a camera. I also picked up a TOMTOM locator system which you put in an address and it tells you how to get there. The tomtom has some problems but is still useful. I can see why they sold it at that price, but It has uses for me so it was a good deal.
    At other yard sales, I picked up a little clamp-on vice, some cross stitch stuff, a couple tools, and some silverware. No I did not need most of that. They seemed useful at the time I bought them.
    I found between seven to nine yard sales, could not find four that had signs out.
    In many of the yard sales, I saw a lot of tripods, coffee machines, and George Foreman style cookers. I saw a record player and gave it a deep thought, but the price would have left my wallet too light for safety.
    I took a quick nap right after I got back, we then went out for Chinese food and a very talkative friend joined us and we left there very late in the afternoon. I really had no time to work on any projects after that.

Year 17, Week 16, Day Two (week 902)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
04-30-17 Sunday

    Right after I arrived, Mom decided that we should go out to eat. She chose to have  lunch at a BOBBY RABINOS
    It appears that this is one of the original sites of the chain. They had an original REMINGTON statue of a cowboy on a bucking bronco in bronze.. The walls were covered in signed prints of cowboys. 
    They also have a small aviary with parakeets and cockatoos, parrots. One could sit and watch them fly around.. One would land and another would take off. Some would play with things that hung off purchases.
    The food was excellent and the service was good. I wish I could order a dozen racks of ribs so I could find out if I could get tired of them.....
    By the time we got back, the day was shot and there was no time to do anything.
    I am finding that I am not getting any wood working done. This is becoming a yard sailing subject rather than wood working. I MUST tackle some wood next weekend.       
    I will see what I accomplish next weekend.

 tongs, cutter, clamp vice, and camera handle pod
 cross stitch stuff
 buttons and guitar tuner
 Frederick Remington statue at Bobby Rabinos

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