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Year 16, Week 34, Day One (week 866)

Year 16, Week 34, Day One (week 866)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
09-03-16 Saturday

84 degrees early morning, light clouds all over the place. Mid morning a feeder band came over and basically ended my day. I had noticed tall puffs all around but did not equate that to showers. The storm missed us entirely except for a couple feeder bands. Surprisingly, Florida is still a peninsula rather than an island because of the storm. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism. 

After Breakfast, we stopped at a yard sale on the way home. The woman’s brother had passed and was unloading much of his stuff. He had a number of items that were still in their original packages. He had quite a bit of tools, like sockets and wrenches. 
The woman saw the hat I was wearing and went inside and brought out two more. One was a bit too big and the other fits nicely. I also picked up a travel alarm clock.
I had my hands on a socket set a couple times and a draftsman’s compass set. I actually walked towards her to buy them but she turned to someone else and did business with them first. I put the items back. I am positive I might have four of those draftsman compass sets somewhere. I have not seen them in a long time. I seldom use the sockets I already have. 

I headed out on my own on the big loop. I stopped at four yard sales in my run. 
One had some hammer heads. A wedge shaped head was what caught my mind. I figured besides making handles for them, they could be used for other things.
One woman is an artist and was selling off some spare materials and some other things. Her art is to apply jewelry and other things onto animal shapes as decorations. Her work was masterful. A blue sea horse caught my attention and I kept coming back to it. If I had a place to put it, I might have found a way to get it. It was that good. I can still picture it in my mind. She said that she adds a liquid glass product over her pieces so they can be displayed outside, which a lot of decorators are doing now. I almost had a bag of wooden beads in my hands, but I remembered I have a bunch of them and have not come to a project that would make full use of them. Sadly, I walked away without anything. 
About this time, I noticed a bunch of tall puffs all around. 
When I reached to the Southern end of the run, drips started to appear on the windshield. When I headed North, it got heavier. I drove past a yard sale that was already covering their stuff with plastic sheets. I kept going. I soon got out of the showers, but when I did the Eastern jog before heading north again, I saw a yard sale by a woman that always has them. She seldom has stuff I need and her prices are higher than I like. Soon after I passed her, drips appeared again. She was going to have to pack up very quickly.
I got home and drips increased in intensity as I reached the front door.. I checked the radar and saw that the feeder band from the storm was passing over us. The band itself which was but a couple miles wide, was heading east on an angle, closer to the ocean to the North of us than to the South. The storm cells within the feeder band were heading north through the feeder band at a good speed. I decided to take it easy.
After lunch, I headed out and it was showering again. I looked out, and after a moment of thought, I decided NOPE. 

There was a lot of things I could do under the awning. I have Christmas ornaments to work on. I could bring out the little lathe and make crochet hooks. I could sit and sand on the platters I have made so far. “NOPE” got the nod so I went inside and relaxed with my legs up.

At about three, I looked out the window and thought about doing something, then chose “NOPE” and laid back down again. There is a twinge of guilt from not working on things, but it was not strong. 


My brother came up but other than pumping up the air in my truck tires, we sat and talked and accomplished nothing. I headed home soon after lunch.


I chose to stay home and work on some projects around the house. Sleep, put some stuff away, sleep, move some other things around, sleep, etc. 

Hopefully, the weather won’t give me an excuse not to do anything next weekend. There will be a turning club meeting next week so It would be nice to show something off..
I will see what I actually do Next weekend..


The artist's work

The hammer heads

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