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Year 15, Week 34, Day One (week 731)

Year 15, Week 34, Day One (week 731)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
09-13-14 Saturday
90 degrees late morning, 81 degrees around four, high humidity, A depression passed over the past couple days and was gone early morning. Mostly cloudy, mostly high, all day, some showers in the afternoon. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

Because of real early morning weather, there was almost nothing in the way of yard sales. We did see one in the paper and went to it, finding a second real close by. It was at the second one that I found a bag of yarn. I had the bag in my arms and the money in the woman’s hand before Mom had a chance of turning around to see what I was up to. I keep telling myself I will not buy any more yarn. I also tell myself I will ONLY buy cotton and wool. I lucked out this time. It was mostly cotton and a tiny bit of wool. This worked out perfectly as I am just now starting on making dish cloths and they are made with cotton.

The other yard sale was just setting up. The very early morning inclement weather frightened them from getting set up earlier. 

After stopping at several stores, we got home and took a short nap. I then started a project. I went through my stock of stuff I keep in the truck. I was surprised at how many tiny unfinished projects I still have to do. 
I have a set of black walnut crochet hooks with oak handles that I need to sew a rolling case for. I have everything to do it except the time and initiative. I found out that, not counting that set of hooks, I had been carrying with me 19 hooks. I got things sorted and put where they can be found. 

I finished a scarf I was working on. Mom suggested that instead of tassels, I should do something like loops on that scarf. I decided to do shells. After a few attempts to remember how to make crochet shells, I did them quickly. The second end was much faster. I also found out later that I had different number of shells on the scarf (Sunday morning I removed the four shell end and made it three. That one shell I removed used two feet of yarn).  That scarf is now done.
I am going to be creating dish cloths the rest of the year. Hopefully, I will have enough made to give out as gifts. 
One thing I’ve done is give my toothbrush crochet hooks a good test. The ones with the handle bending toward or away from you when you have the hook up, are quite usable, but they are not the most comfortable hooks I have used. They are just not quite comfortable in the hand. The angle of these are way too much, and they force the fingers into the wrong position. They do work so that is not a problem. I could even use them a long time, but they are just not quite right. I will be testing my up and down crochet hooks on the first dish cloth I will make. 

It was quite stuffy outside and I am using my working with my yarn stuff as my excuse to not go out and do work. I was busy so that was something. My back was not doing the best today and that was another excuse. 

I have some stuff to do at home that cannot wait so I will not be going to Mom’s house tomorrow.  

I will have to see what I do next weekend.

yarn find at yard sale. Notice cloth in front.



ends of scarf after first picture was taken.I later repaired the end on the left to make three bumps rather than four.

That cloth in the yarn picture, after I added edging. Mom said this was to be part of a sweater.

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