Sunday, May 25, 2014

Year 15, Week 18, Day One (week 715)

Year 15, Week 18, Day One (week 715)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
05-24-14 Saturday

Temps in the mid 80s, light breeze, blue sky with bright sun. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

After breakfast, we went yard sailing. We hit several yard sales. Most had good stuff, but nothing we were after. I ended up picking up a cooking book. The guy said it was the course book for the culinary school he went to. He paid $75 for the book. I paid $2. When I had flipped through it quickly, I thought I saw a couple things that were of interest so I got it. 
I also got a plumbing fitting I was thinking about getting anyway. It would show me if that was the actual problem or not cheeply.

When we finally got back, like at ten or eleven, we laid down for a very quick nap. Well, it was supposed to be quick. I woke at one! 

We went out to a Chinese Buffet and that took a while, and then we went to Brandsmart where my mom got me an early birthday present, a camera to replace the one I had lost two weeks ago. It does not have as high a zoom range and it a little simpler, but it will work perfectly for our needs. 

When we got back it was too late to do anything other than go outside to feed and pet the kitty. The sun was shining on the thermometer at that time so I could not get a useful reading. 

I do hope to get something done tomorrow. I will definitely do something in wood.

Year 15, Week 18, Day Two (week 715)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
05-25-14 Sunday

Mid 80s, blue sky with feathers and spilt milk, the very lightest of breeze. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department Of Tourism.

I went out back immediately after I arrived. I had several projects in mind. I went out to the bin that is filled with cuttings from a furniture shop. Most is mahogany but there are other woods. I could turn every day, eight hours a day for about three months just with what is in there. I do have years worth of wood in my stash. Mom uses the top of it for storage of pots and planting stuff so it took a bit of effort to get to open it. 
After some digging and examining, reminding myself of all that is in there, I drew out a two by six by nine piece of Mahogany out. My plan is to make a ladle out of it. 
I closed up the bin and stacked the stuff back where it was. That was a project. When I got back to the work area, I noticed a piece of wood I had taken out last month. I had to move a couple things to get to it, but it looks like it might be even better for this project. I can get two ladles out of it by cutting the length in half. I am not planning on having as long a handle as I had made before and the bowl does not have to be quite as big. 

I am finding that Mahogany does not make for good drum sticks. It splits off easier than I expected. What happens is that the wood rings feathers as you taper to the narrowest point. Those feathers start splitting. I have a couple drum sticks that has little chips on the sides. These are drum sticks that are used very easy, not like what the “professional” drummer does to his sticks(dents them pretty bad), or what the really loud drummer in another meeting does to his drum sticks (chewed up badly on the symbols).  Mahogany look good but are not good drum sticks.

I then noticed a piece of sea grape I had rough rounded. I dragged out the lathe, which required moving several things. This had to be done to get to the band saw anyway as there was some stuff mom put there that would be harder to move. These are supposed to be drum sticks.

I drug the lathe and equipment out. Again that was a project. I seem to put more effort in setting up and putting things away than I ever do in the biggest projects I ever try.

I mounted the sea grape on the lathe and started turning on it. When I turned it green, one end started splitting. A little bit of rounding showed that was going to still be a problem. I had rounded it a whole lot more, making a better surface. About then, my brother showed up. He was going inside to watch the race. I decided to pack up, which till a bit of time, and go in to be with him. The race was mostly done, we had lunch in between (glazed ham) and Mom and my new dad were going to take a nap. I decided to get going home rather than go outside and work. 

I did humiliate a piece of wood today and picked out some wood for another project (like I need another project!!!! I don’t need more projects. I have a face vase that will have five vases that has been waiting for me to dig into it, for about three years. I have a dragon I’ve worked on, off and on, for about the same amount of time. I have a whole bunch of other projects 

I don’t expect to do anything tomorrow, other than sweep the house with a glance, so I will see if I actually accomplish something next weekend!

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