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Year 15, Week 07, Day One (week 704)

Year 15, Week 07, Day One (week 704)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
03-01-14 Saturday
    59 degrees early morning, 80 degrees in the afternoon, clear blue skies all day long, light breeze. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach department of Tourism.

bear making 101


life time supply of these bags

drafting compass and divider set

hard drive enclosure

butter spreader I modified into a small spatula. I changed the bends a little after this picture was taken.

DRIPOLATOR drip coffee maker unssembled

assembled DRIPOLATOR coffee maker

flour tin

a few of my larger carvings.

    I spent more than I should have today. It happens.
    At a church yard sale, I picked up several suits and suit pants. I would never have gotten them, but Mom suggested it. It was more than cheep enough. I also got a lifetime supply of bright orange cloth bags. I gave Mom a few. I avoided telling anybody WHY I got them as I really did not have a valid reason for getting them. I will come up with valid reasons later. I do know they will replace plastic bags for some things.
    I also got a great book – BEAR MAKING 101, An Ins”bear”ational Course. By Carol-Lynn Rossel Waugh. It has simple patterns to follow of various kinds. I figure it will help me with crochet figures.
    At another yard sale, I got an old time drafting compass set. This includes several compasses and dividers, ink pen attachments, extra points and knobs. There are two pieces missing, but otherwise complete in the case. I also got a hard drive case. I have to check it out to see if it works. I have a feeling the drive is dead, but I do have other drives I can use, If I can remember where they are.
    A friend in my wood turning club had a yard sale. I went there and purchased a turning tool set he had made. Yes, I can make the same thing, but where am I going to find the time? I also got a book WOODWORKING Tools, Fabrication, Design and Manufacturing. By Robert Lento. This is a thick book written in 1979. Just flipping through some pages, I see stuff I either want to know or want to try.


two turning tools I purchased. 


    I finally got out back, set up the table and dug out my big carvings. I knew several of my fairies were damaged. I wanted to know what was in good conditions, what needed repair, and what repairs were beyond the time I had time to do.
    It turned out that the damage was repairable!!!! I will be able to show off everything.!!!
    Tomorrow, I intend to dig out the paints and touch up some spots on them, brush them with a toothbrush to clean off some of the dust from the places you cannot get to easily, and otherwise get them ready to show.
    I took out my sanding disk for my lathe. A couple years ago, I took a two by twelve board, turned a 9 inch disk out of it, and attached a sanding disk to it. I had also glued a strip of emery cloth around the edge. The strip came off some time in the past. Today I glued a new strip of emery cloth around the outside. Of course, one always has to wait for the glue to dry, and it always takes longer than you had hoped. I did that while the glue on the fairies were drying.
    I did a tiny bit of sanding on the ladle I was making. I found a chip on the edge so I had to glue that back on.
    I use a wheeled basket to carry stuff to and from the truck. It usually sits on the passenger seat. I have some stuff that is “permanently in the basket, just in case I need it. I needed a clothes pin to hold a pair of wings together on one fairy. I also decided to use one of the new bags I got to replace the plastic bags I have in the basket.
    Now many weeks ago, I was looking for my Scorp set. This is a set of chisels that is used like a knife, pulled sideways rather than pushed by the end. I could not find them anywhere. Well, I dug into the plastic bag of stuff in my basket and THERE IT WAS! I found the Scorp set in the bag. I have no clue why I put it in there.
    When the glue finally set on the edge of the disk and the ladle, I used the disk to touch up the ladle. I worked the handle to shape it better and touched the top of the cup. I still have more to do on the bowl to get it right. It was suggested to smooth out the outside rather than have knife cuts on it. I likely will do that. The inside needs more work, How much, in the end, gets done to it will depend on out things go tomorrow and Next Saturday.

Mom kept a bunch of sand from her sewer project and had put up some boards to contain them. The sides were falling down so we replaced the strapping that is holding the thing together. It took some shoveling. I was in the best position to shovel and was doing a better job than Mom was. This is in spite my back and shoulder problems. I was wore out when done, but we got the job done.

    My art show is Next Sunday. Time flies fast. Other than a few drum sticks and crochet hooks, I really have little to show for my year.
    I will have to see what I will to tomorrow.

Year 15, Week 07, Day Two (week 704)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
03-02-14 Sunday
80s, blue sky all day long, very light breeze that helped keep it cook and to dry wet pieces of wood. This Weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    I stopped at a yard sail I had visited several times over the past few months. I picked up an old style drip coffee maker and an aluminum lidded tin marked Flour. The drip coffee maker is entirely in Aluminum. It has a percolator style coffee pot bottom. It then has a three piece part that goes on top. It has a lid, then it has the basket where you put the coffee. There is basically a screen that goes on top to drip the coffee. I have not quite worked out for a fact how it works, but I think you get the coffee hot in the pot.  Here is where I am a little bit up in the air. I am not sure if you transfer the water to another container first, but the water is then poured into the upper section, likely filling it up, and the water drips down into the coffee then into the pot again. She said it was her mothers, and she looks older than I am. This might be the first kind of drip percolator made available.
    The lidded tin for flour was just something I had considered each time I saw it and finally got it. Both of them for two bucks!!!
    I had picked up a couple pork shoulders and this morning, I sliced steaks off them, then cleaned the bone pretty well. The bones are in the freezer with some other pork bones for when I crock pot them for broth.
    I put the steaks in baggies and they are in the freezer. I put the meat I took off the bones, and some trimmings, into the food processor to chop them up. This included the skin. The food processor broke the meat up but did not grind the skin well.
    This afternoon, I mixed beef hamburger, and my pork meat and some cooked mixed grain (betting it will never be noticed in the mix as it has the same texture as loose ground meat)  and some seasoning, binding, and filler to make patties. I made a test burger and while the flavor was good, the pork had some strings and chunks.
    A couple months ago, I picked up a second crank meat grinder, I had one before which was an “Number O” this new one was a “Number 1." I decided to make use of it today.
I put the whole ground meat mixture through the grinder. It chopped up the pork well, but also mixed the ingredients much better than they were.  This grinder is better than my old one. The old one leaked juices out the seal around the crank. The whole batch went faster than I expected it to go. I put about two heaping table spoons of meat into a sandwich bag and smashed it into a patty. They are now freezing. I have enough to last me a while.
    I got to Mom’s and brought out all my big carvings. I looked them over for where paint might be needed or other touch ups. There is some sloppy gluing but I decided to let that be. I did scrape some marks off a couple pieces.
    I will now have to see if I can get them to and from the art show without breaking them.
    Some time ago, I broke a goblet. I cut the remains of the stem off the bowl, drilled it and stuck a skewer into it. It is now a flower. It will be among other wooden flowers. Some time in the future it might get carved a little to develop petals The base will eventually be carved to look something on the idea of a rose. I was not in the mood to do that today.
    I started the annual process of sharpening my knives. I developed the practice of sharpening all my knives just before the art show. Part of this was developed because at an early show, my knives got dull quickly and I ended up cutting myself. After that, I sharpen every knife I have, getting them to a sharpness to carve or shave with.  I have kept my basket under the awning, not putting it away in the shed. The knives have developed a bit of rust on them.
    Some people use oil on their sharpening stones. Some use water. I prefer to use dish soap. It keeps the metal bits in suspension, but when the stone gets cruddy, it washes off completely to start fresh.
    I worked off the rust from the blades and got them conditioned. I did not take them to the leather strop. I will do that next weekend.
    Next weekend is the art show. I did not practice my setup today I will do it Saturday. It is important to do it at least once so everything will be ready. I do expect to sleep a lot during the day as Sunday is going to be a wearying time. I would love to take that Monday off but it won’t happen.
    I will see what really happens next weekend.

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