Monday, August 12, 2013

Year 13, Week 29, Day 0ne (week 675)

Year 13, Week 29, Day 0ne (week 675)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
08-10-13 Saturday
89 degree early morning, 94 in afternoon, mixed clouds and sun, good breeze with nice gusts. This weather report was brought to you by the City of Pompano Beach Department of tourism.
    We went yard sailing. Many sales that had signs up, or was in the paper, were not find-able. One in the paper forgot the house number to know the general area to find it.
    I got a seat cushion with the cut-out for the tail bone. I had purchased a couple on this idea for twenty bucks, but they were thinner, wedge shaped, and had a slick surface on one side. This is the same thickness and has a soft surface all around. I decided I needed it for home.
    At another yard sale, I found a roll of sheet metal used flashing around roof structures to prevent water from getting in at changes of angles. I had a few ideas for it. I knew my brother could use it and Mom said she had uses for it.
    I did see a number of things that, in previous times, I would have snapped up just to have them. I am getting a bit more picky on what I get and walked away without them. Some I did not bother asking the price.
    When we went out to feed the kitty cats, We found out that Mamma kitty killed a rat. Mom had seen a rat out by her compost bin, feeding on the bad mango parts we put in there. Mom hopes this was the one she saw. Anyway, Like other "gifts" (birds, lizards, snakes) that Momma kitty had left, ants had found it. Mom found out they were fire ants when she was bit while taking it out to the garbage that would be picked up today. Mom dug out the ant food and we fed the ants. I followed the trail and located their nest in the neighbor's yard. I put some ant food around the nest. We will have to see if they show up again later.
    I napped a little bit when we got home, then went outside just so I could say I did something out there. I found a piece of two by two I had just started carving a head on. I dug out one of my carving knives and sharpened it, then started carving on the head. I found some positions and movements bothered my wrist. I changed how I did it and continued on. I had it well roughed out, missing details, when I went in for lunch.
    During lunch, I found my wrist was bothering me. It ended up bothering me all evening. That is not good. I hope it gets better soon, possibly tomorrow.
    After lunch I cleaned up the work area, putting things I took out, away, and we visited my sister in law in Rehabilitation.
    When we came back, I napped, and then called it a day.
    I have wore the brace on my wrist for tendinitis four three months now and while my problem is not as bad as it was, I am not happy that it is still not good. It was suggested that the bother I had now is because it is weak. I see my bone doctor this week and will see what his opinion is.
    I hope to do some sort of wood working tomorrow. I also need to make some bread.
    I will see what actually happens tomorrow.
Year 13, Week 29, Day Two (week 675)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
08-11-13 Sunday
    94 degrees. good stiff breeze, mixed fast moving clouds and sunshine. The air is fairly dry so we are not living in a sauna like later summer will be. In shade with a good wind, it felt cool. This weather report is brought to you by the City of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    In the morning, I started two batches of bread. One is from a package of 10 GRAIN BREAD FLOUR that comes with a yeast packet. All you have to add is water and oil. The other is a batch from a 1949 recipe book that I did previously. They made their first rise before I left for Mom's and I popped them into the fridge to slow the yeast down until I got home.
    When I got home, I cut up the regular bread dough into eight sections and popped them into the freezer. I will take just a couple out when I am ready for more fresh bread and let them thaw, kneed them, and let them rise. I get to have bread whenever I want it without having to make a big batch of it.
    I took the multi grain bread out, kneaded it and let it rise. I will have fresh bread to take with me to work tomorrow.
    Immediately after arriving at Mom's house, I got out the folding tape, grabbed some sand paper and files sat and settled to sand my crochet hooks.
    Later, I hit them with a couple coats of varnish, first on the rods, then later on the handles. Next weekend, I will sand them again, and give them another coat of varnish. They are looking good.
    I want to make a carry case for these hooks with crochet. I will try to start it this week. It will take a little time since I am not doing long stretches of crochet. I generally do a few stitches to a row while waiting, and then have to put it away.
    Mom got a bunch of big pots at a yard sale and will transplant some of her plants in them later. We went to the garden center and picked up several bags of soil. I was happy to be able to use my truck as a truck again. Mom uses my truck for loads more than I do. She will mix the soil with some sand she has.
    We stopped at a yard sale on the way back and I saw a box with wooden clamps. The box said two bucks. He had three boxes. I got all three boxes for five. It was not until I got home that I found there were two clamps in each box. One box came home and the other two boxes are still at Moms for later use.
    I took one box home because I clamp a big cutting board to my counter to work with different appliances such as pasta rollers, meat grinders, etc, where their clamps don't work with my counter because their clamps are the wrong size. I am not sure if these will work for this purpose, but I have them at home anyway. You never have enough clamps, or enough of each kind of clamp.....
    I will have to see what will happen next weekend.

A roll of sheet metal flashing with a baby curly tail lizard posing on top.

Mom holding Mamma kitty. Momma kitty is still unsure about being held.