Sunday, May 12, 2013

Year 13, Week 16, Day 0ne (week 692)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
05-11-13 Saturday
90 degrees, blue sky early morning, puffs appeared mid morning, and thunder heads over the Everglades blocked the sun in the afternoon and it cooled some. Showers came by after dark. We did get a moment of mist twice during the day, blown from the anvil of a thunder head. There was a good wind all day long taking away any heat there was. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.

We hit several yard sales in the morning. They had some items I almost picked up, except I remembered I already have one or two of them already. Nice as they are, I don't need another.... Later, we visited a friend who had a yard sale and I got a set of tools for removing drain plugs on cars and trucks. I gave that to my brother.

We went to a nursery that had a sale last week on impatiens. Mom asked if they were on sale and was told that if there were any, they were. We located them and got a flat of the plants. When we walked up to the cash register, I stepped forward with my money in hand and purchased the flowers. I told mom "Happy Mother's Day." She thought that was sweet.

We went to the local Harbor Freight Store. I intended to either buy Mom a new wagon, or get wheels for them. She did not want inflatable tires, which was what was on the wagon being offered. We decided not to get the replacement wheels as they were fatter than the ones on the wagon.
I did buy a belt, one for a tumbler drum, that will work with my mini lathe, and a "C" clamp for at home.
We stopped at a Farmer's market and while the baked goods were tempting, I walked out without getting anything.

Another stop was at the local Dollar Tree Store. This is one of those "everything is a dollar" stores. In some ways, it is as good as yard Sailing as many things we get at a yard sale is a dollar and not all that much better than at the store. Other than a pot brush and a pair of screens for the sink, Several packages of Pretzel rods looked sad. I gathered them up in my arms to cheer them up. When I got to the check out counter, they looked so cute they had to come home with me....

on the woodworking front, because the day was so busy, all I did was to empty out a box of wood stuff and sort through it, tossing some items. That is another box done. I am slowly clearing the work bench, a little bit at a time.
Mom planted half the flowers she got. She was not sure if it would actually rain so she watered them lightly. Bringing the hose to her and winding it back up was my job.
Mom's back yard is almost back to normal. She has her fence up every paver she had is now lain in place. She still has to spread some mulch over where the septic tank used to be. She also has to relocate a whole bunch of plants. It looks like a back yard again!!!

I am not sure what is planned for tomorrow. I do hope to do some real woodworking.
I will see what tomorrow brings.

Year 13, Week 16, Day Two (week 692)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
05-13-13 Saturday

94 degrees, sunshine and blue sky in the morning, heavy puffs appeared, flowing from the Everglades by afternoon, sometimes blocking the sun. A nice brisk wind, strong enough to make one to pull hats down harder on the heads. I drove through some showers on the way home, but nothing in our area. This weather report is brought to you by the City Of Pompano Department Of Tourism.

I had a pair of wheeled baskets, one would not open. It acted like it was stepped on, crushed down. they happen to have good wheels on them so I took them with me in case the wheels would work for the wagon. No, they are too light for a load. I figured out that I was trying to open the basket all wrong. I straightened some of the rails and wires and that helped.

My brother and his wife took Mom out for dinner at the CRACKER BARREL STORE. That is a fun place. The walls in the restaurant section is decorated with old time stuff. I had a good view of some old time woodworking tools - planes, drills, scrapers, etc.
I walked nearly all the store and saw nothing spectacular, until I was about done. That was when I saw a bunch of Cast iron pans of all kinds. they kicked me out because I was leaving too big a pool of drool in the area.

I dug through another box that had blanks for Christmas Ornaments. I would make blanks with the band saw and lathe, and then remove excess wood and create the finish on them. These blanks are from the past couple years of ornaments. I never had time to finish them up. I had made just enough at the time. These are projects that should be finished up when my wrist is good enough to handle it.

I found some tiny bowls I had started. A couple of them were supposed to be ducklings, I had turned them so there would be a foot beneath it and planned on carving some duck heads to attach to them. Another carving project for the future.
I had some small bowls I started and never quite finished. They were made between centers with a post in the center of the outside, left from removing wood from beside the tail stock. I removed the post from two of them and ground the stub away. I have a lot of finishing to them, heavy sanding, but they will be nice. I think I planned on working on them more. One is in Rosewood and I forgot what the other was, but it has bark on the edge. I will figure it out later. I was concentrating on getting a tiny bit of work done.

I have no idea what is going on next week. There is a turning club meeting this week but I cannot make it to the meeting.

I will have to see what happens next weekend.


 Bottom view of mini bowls
 Top view of mini bowls I removed the center post from.
 Wheeled baskets. One in back was the problem basket
 Mother's Day Flowers
 Sockets from yard sale
brush and screens from Dollar Store

New clamp from Harbor Frieght

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