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Year 13, Week 6, Day One (week 682)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
02-23-13 Saturday
    Temperatures in the high 70s or low 80s, clear, bright, blue sky, with a nice brisk wind to cut the feel of the temps a little. This weather report is brought to you by the City of Pompano Beach department of Tourism.
    There is a renaissance fair going on down here. It runs five weeks and this is week three of the fair. I decided I had to go see it and have some fun.
    I prepared for the whole day. I usually have a small basket for my stuff so I am not carrying anything from the truck to home, but today I chose to bring a big wheeled basket (what I use for laundry), both to carry what I gather at the fair, but also, because it is taller, would assist in my balance (I wanted to be a tight rope walker but my Psychiatrist says I am too unbalanced...). I am glad I brought that.
    I also have a cane that has a seat on it. It is not good for use for walking as it keeps popping open, the clip does not work right, but it is great to have when walking as you can sit down anywhere you need to.
    One thing I wanted to know was what type of range I would have should there be an emergency such as a truck breakdown (talk about this later)
    I took my time, people watched, sitting at picnic benches when needed. I also used my cane chair to watch different demonstrations where seats were not available.
    I was really impressed at the outfits and what they did to women. Even women I might not notice in public are noticeable. It would be nice if those styles came back again. The problem is that here in South Florida, it is too hot. Those styles were designed for cold climates.
    I did make a couple purchases, including three bags of Kettle Korn. One was small for my mom, and the other two was the biggest the vendor had, which was for ME!!!!!
    I got three cups of coffee. I left one at a booth I made a purchase. I dropped the second one and finally drank the third. The coffee was good.
    I skipped side trails which I knew had interesting stuff such as cannons and catapults, but not quite interesting enough to walk that far. 

Cannon inside one tent.
    There were hand made bows and arrows at one booth, finely finished boxes and toys at another, magic wands of twisted wood (You have to add your own magic).
  One vendor had a gnome standing at the entry. the nose of the gnome was a gourd.  
 Canes, swords, knives were also available. Clothing and jewelry was most represented by vendors.
    I sat and watched a woman work clay on a treadle pottery wheel to make a beer mug. A glass blower was doing demonstrations, his first show was Roman glass work. His second was Medieval . I sat down to watch it, but decided to keep going.
    The blacksmith was making charcoal when I went by. I never did see him working metal today. I have messed a tiny bit with blacksmithing over the years. His setup is portable but I would not mind having it. His bellows was big enough to be used as a kitchen table.
    There were musicians dotted around the fairgrounds. A harpist was really good. She would play a song, then let children come up and stroke the strings. It was fun watching the interaction. A real little child could not pluck the strings loud enough. A hammer decimer was played by a lovely lady. I recognized what the instrument was and she said yes. A man came up and had no idea what it was. I asked a few questions about it. The way she hit the right strings every time was impressive.
    One guy makes single string violins using gourds and other materials. I have one of his CDs and he is good. He had a drum made with a gourd that he could change the tone by squeezing a double ring that went around it. A couple years ago, he was making one of his instruments.
    There were shows everywhere. My favorite is the Irish step dancers. These are young girls who do several good shows, clogging and stepping to Irish music. These are the ones that keep their arms down tight against their sides and not smiling. that came from where the British outlawed dancing. The Irish would dance at weddings. The British would see arms moving around above the heads and move in to break up the group. Smiles would also be a clue. The Irish learned to dance with their arms tight against their sides and frowning so the British would not know for sure if they were dancing.
    Of course other shows were going on but I did not stay to watch them. There is so much to see in spite my need to rest.
    I have made friends with some vendors. Several were not there this time. There are other shows around the state and nation that compete for the weekends so they have to choose what shows to take in. Also, after many years, they get out of the business too. Two were vendors I really wanted to get something again.
The ball of my stick shift with a wooden dome, and a spin top I made and donated at the turning club meeting which was on Thursday.

My leg and back had it and I headed out. I had kept my weight in my cane and that gave me some more range. Hard on the hand but I was able to make it around the fairgrounds.
    I was the first to park in the open field parking section I was in. they had parked cars all around my truck. I had few landmarks to go by. I passed the area where my truck turned out to be and had to backtrack when I knew positively that I had gone to far. When I finally found my truck, I could go no farther. I was lucky that I had put my weight into my cane the entire time I was there as I would have been crippled from the effort. Taking the weight off my leg gave me a little bit of range.
    At my mom's house, I immediately took a nap. My leg let me know it was not happy. I don't know how I went to sleep as fast as I did. I had to roll over to give my leg a new position to rest in. I ended up only sleeping a short time, then slept in a recliner as it was again a new position for my leg.
    I went to a meeting in the evening. I was limping bad during the meeting, especially when getting up. On the way home, my truck started acting up. The engine was cutting out while I was driving. It was getting worse and worse as I went. It finally died several blocks from home, forcing me to walk home. This is what I mean about learning what my range was in case of an emergency. I used the starter to pull me along a lot farther than I should have, but the less I had to walk the better. I now know, that if I, by any stroke of bad luck luck, and am prepared, can walk to a gas station or some place else CLOSE if needed.
    The walk home was more than I should have gone after my day at the fair, but I had no choice. It was too close to be worthy of a cab. I was really happy to get home. The last hundred yards was so far and felt like it was uphill against a wind...
    While resting in the recliner chair after I got back from the fair, I finished my forth scarf for the year. I later showed it to someone and they loved it. I've started a new one and will start a second. The first will be worked in the truck exclusively while the second will be carried around with me in a bag where I go. I will have to rip out the first one down to the chain stitch as I want to do something different. The stitch I am doing now is not interesting enough.

 Finished six foot long scarf. Two stitches, chain two while skipping two holes, then two stitches again. On the way back, the stitches go into the holes and the chain goes over the lower stitches.
    I have two weeks for my art show so I would love to work on some projects tomorrow, such as getting materials together for demonstrations during the show. I am thinking of making shaving flowers again. I give them out to little girls that come by. they are quick to make and won't cause much pressure on my left wrist which has bothered me ever since I got off the walker.
    Because of my truck, I will have to see what happens tomorrow.
Year 13, Week 6, Day Two (week 682)
(January 17, 2000 was my first carving day.)
02-24-13 Sunday
    84 degrees, clear sky, bright sun, nice breeze. This weather report is brought to you by the city of Pompano Beach Department of Tourism.
    Last night my body to let me know that it would rather sit in a seat all day long and not experience any fun of moving around, but I was able to do walk a bit of a distance yesterday. I am hobbling quite a little, especially when I get up from bed or a chair and then the leg relaxes a little. My back does not "hurt" but I know it would like to. I was not about to do much of anything.
    My brother came, picked me up and we went to my truck. It looks like the same problem we had before. This time, though, we had the tow hitch already made and we didn't have to use an air hammer to remove the bumper bolts.
    It took some time and work for both of us (well really him) before we could tow the truck to the garage. I wrote a note attached to my key. I don't need this expense but it has to be done. Soon too.
    When I got home, I laid down to nap as I was not recovered from yesterday, along with today's activities. Of course no wood working was done.
    I forgot to mention that we hit a couple yard sales in the morning and I made a couple purchases. I picked up a metal rod with end caps at one yard sale. It was in a sealed package. it said it was a shaft for a roller bearing. I ended up giving that to my brother. He will find a use for it. I was thinking of machining the rod some time for some project. If he can use it, so much the better.
    I also picked up a container filled with kitchen stuff. cork screws, a garlic slicer/shredder, Orange peeler, measuring spoons, to name a few things that was in it. The container was not all that bad either. No, I did not need it, but the garlic slicer looked interesting.
My find at a yard sale. The garlic slicer at the top was what caught my attention first.   

    Whatever I had planned to do at home, or at Mom's was messed up by the truck problems. My brother dropped med off at home fairly late.
    Next weekend, I will pick up my woodworking from the antique shop where it is on display. I plan to set up a mock-up of the display table and see what fits into the display and what will look good, along with seeing what condition everything is in. A lot of it will need to be washed. I won't have time to fix the finish, re-varnishing them. I will only do refinishing with really bad pieces. I have a bunch of extra work that did not fit into the display and I need to find them to see what will work in the show (Mom moved things around in my place while I was in the hospital).
        I will see what I actually do next week.

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